Right-Wing Bogeymen

Just like in the old days, when I used to get the Newsmax ‘newsletters’ for oppo research, I now get all kinds – and I mean ALL kinds – of newsletters from various trumpian groups.  I delete most of them, but sometimes the subject headline is just so whacked out that I have to take a look.

Here’s one from American Patriot Daily, with the headline, “George Soros is Linked to a Coronavirus Attack – this is why You’ll be Seeing Red.”  Here’s part of this laughable article:

Donald Trump and the rest of his administration are doing everything in their power to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
But now the President is fighting the invisible enemy on a new front.

Democrats are worried that polls showing the American people supporting the President’s response to the coronavirus will lead to Donald Trump’s re-election in November.

Top party officials also can read the polls that show the American people approve of the President’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Polls not only show that the public approves of how Donald Trump is managing the crisis, but that his overall approval numbers are also rising to the highest levels of his presidency.

Priorities USA responded to that anger with an announced TV ad campaign falsely attacking President Trump for a supposedly sluggish federal government response to the coronavirus pandemic.

And George Soros is helping to bankroll this smear campaign by pumping three million dollars into Priorities USA’s coffers.

These folks don’t actually care about the attack of the coronavirus pandemic, they only care about how trump is perceived to be handling it.  I have not yet seen a single poll indicating that the majority of citizens “approve of the President’s handling”  Au contraire, right now the polls are showing that approximately two-thirds of “the American people” DISAPPROVE of trump’s spastic and contrarian responses to the pandemic.  And as of this writing,worldometer shows that 112,639 Americans have died of COVID-19.

Next, another right-wing bogeyman:  Antifa.  From a recent NBC news article:

“A Twitter account claiming to belong to a national “antifa” organization and pushing violent rhetoric related to ongoing protests has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to a Twitter spokesperson.”

“The antifa movement — a network of loosely organized radical groups who use direct action to fight the far-right and fascism — has been targeted by President Donald Trump as the force behind some of the violence and property destruction seen at some protests, though little evidence has been provided for such claims.”

The tweets in question have been removed by Twitter, but here’s a screen shot – IMHO, all you have to do is read them to know that they’re a clumsy attempt to target Antifa:

antifa fake tweet

Note the misspelt hashtag #BlacklivesMaters.  Yeah, these guys at Identity Evropa are real fucking pros.

And here’s a question from an interview I started to read on Raw Story.  It’s a question that should be asked by EVERYONE in America:

Many people in the news media and among the American public are upset that Donald Trump is not acting “presidential” in response to the nationwide protests and the apparent murder of George Floyd. They keep expecting Trump to behave like a responsible leader who can help calm and heal a country in pain. He is incapable of doing such a thing. This is honestly pathetic: Why do so many public voices keep pleading with Trump to be something he is not?

Lastly, just for fun,  some cute dog pics from Bored Panda – here’s two of my favorites:


There’s always ONE family member who refuses to pose normally for the cameras:

funny-dogs-pic2 there's always one



71 thoughts on “Right-Wing Bogeymen

  1. JFC – cops are totally out of control. (hope this video posts properly)

    That tweet was posted in this Raw Story article about Minneapolis police slashing tires in parking lots: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/06/police-caught-on-videos-slashing-tires-amid-protests-in-minneapolis/

    Yeah, right, just a few bad apples?!

  2. Fuckstupid’s infantile impatience is causing more sickness and death. I guess he’s going to have a hard time paying the vig on those Russian Loan Shark loans when no one is staying in his hotels and resorts.
    Since the Republican governors are sworn to lie about Covid-19 stats, and it’s difficult to compare case stats anyway with testing increasing, the only sure statistics that can be compared is total deaths this year, to year-over-year averages. That endeavor, could give us real indications as to which deaths are likely from the virus, and which governors are the liars.

      • No but you could inspect official death records and compare them to local obituaries, which individual families will usually announce. I’m more concerned about deaths and hospitalizations than I am asymptomatic positives.

  3. The video isn’t available yet, but here’s an excerpt from Nicolle Wallace’s interview this afternoon with Governor Cuomo. She asked question that I posed jokingly the other day on a thread about Florida’s rising COVID-19 cases:

    Nicolle Wallace: “I’m old enough to remember when I believe it was Florida and maybe one other state that was warning against people coming from New York, warning them about us and asking to us quarantine when we traveled to their states. Have you given any thought to asking people from any of the states spiking, to take their temperatures or to quarantine or do anything when they come back into our state?”

    Governor Cuomo: “Well, wouldn’t that be karma? Wouldn’t it be karma if I went out and said, “I’m thinking of quarantining. I won’t let those people from Florida come in. You know, they have a very high infection rate in Florida. I don’t want them coming here. [he laughed here] I think I would do it just one morning, just for the enjoyment of it. But no, I would not do that.”

  4. Trump actually seems to think the virus goes away if you stop testing for it?

    What about hospitalizations and deaths? They’re not going away. In fact, they’re increasing.

    • I know – one of the commenters at Raw Story yesterday said, “so if I don’t go for a colonoscopy, I won’t get colon cancer”?

      What a fucking IDIOT trump is!

      And did you catch Lara Trump’s defense of trump mincing carefully down the ramp? It apparently was because the RAMP had no STEPS! SMDH!

      • I’m more worried about catching the virus now than at any time.
        However, it’s possible we all had it in early to mid February. We had SOMETHING, that was a fever with a cough, that tested negative for the flu, but wasn’t bacterial, and I missed a Thursday, Friday, and Monday from work, but I then got well enough to return to work. No way to know what it was now, except we could test positive for antibodies.

        • We’ve both been fine this whole time. The first month, I religiously checked my temperature daily – never went above 98.3 (my baseline is around 96.5.) So far I’ve only been afflicted with allergy/sinus issues.

  5. Here’s Joe Biden hustling his ass up the same type of ramp at West Point, the one which trump is snow describing as “like an ice skating rink.” Yeah, sure, on a sunny breezy summer morning, when there had been no rain the day before (I remember it as hot and humid.)

    • I read the stadium has a capacity of 19,000, That being said, it looked like 6000 or so may have turned out. Kudos to our teenagers for scamming the Sammer-in-Chief.

      • Fire Marshall (I believe) says approximately 6200 attended. The highest estimate I’ve seen is a little over 6600. Regardless, definitely NOT ‘filled to capacity.’

        And I don’t feel the least bit sorry for those trumpists who were camped out near the arena since Monday!

    • Thanks for posting that, Wayne mentioned it to me earlier. I’m still glad that the other drivers stood with him, and that Richard Petty is strongly behind him.

      Hey, do you know anyone who’s a Jeff Gordon fan? We’ve got a zillion #24 memorabilia that Wayne’s mom (along with her longtime boyfriend) collected over the years, and I have no idea what to do with it all. While I’m pretty sure Wayne might want to keep a couple of things, I can’t see any other family member wanting it.

      • I would think that kind of stuff would go quick on EBay, Jane. I don’t go for collectibles, but looking on EBay would give you some ideas on pricing.

        I was watching the pre-race ceremonies Monday when the teams and officials all pushed or followed Bubba Wallace’s car down to the end of pit road, and when he climbed out for the National Anthem, he was sitting on the door sill looking back down pit road at all the people supporting him and just kind of broke into tears and had to stop for a minute with his head down on the roof of the car. Then King Richard came up behind him and consoled him with his hands on his shoulders and I broke down too.

        Even if the noose wasn’t meant for Bubba, this season has been unavoidably focused on race relations, first with the firing of driver Kyle Larson for uttering a racial slur on a hot mike when he thought it was off, then the police killings, and demonstrations, which the Nascar news shows all wanted his take about, leading to the banning of the Confederate flags at events. The noose just came along at a time when everybody was half expecting some kind of backlash.

        • I saw some video of the other drivers/crew pushing his car, but I missed the part where “King Richard” was consoling him. I did see Bubba’s interview with Don Lemon last night, and he was choking up again over the entire display of support.

  6. Can’t take the chance that anybody might have missed this…

  7. FYI, I’m working on a new post regarding trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech. It’s gonna take at least a day or two for me to sort through what I want to focus on. It’s so fucking long and awful, but I’m gonna try to stick a ‘read more…’ link, so you don’t have to read the whole freaking – and freaky – mess. 🙂

  8. My county just issued a mandatory mask order starting tomorrow at 5pm. Now, we’ll see how many of the MAGAts can get into the businesses they want without one.

  9. Well, today’s the big day at SCOTUS, will we get to see Trump’s tax returns?
    I have SCOTUSBlog cued up and ready to go!

    • SCOTUS actually punted this back down for more whining from Trump. The actual ruling lets Trump continue to stall.

  10. These decisions are allowing Trump to continue to stall as everything gets returned to the lower courts.

  11. This is the first time I have posted a Trump tweet. The first few words are so screwed up I had to.

    • In case this tweet gets deleted, as so many of them do.
      Donald J. Trump

      “For the 1/100th time, the reason we show so many Cases, compared to other countries that haven’t done nearly as well as we have, is that our TESTING is much bigger and better. We have tested 40,000,000 people. If we did 20,000,000 instead, Cases would be half, etc. NOT REPORTED!”
      7:39 AM · Jul 9, 2020

  12. Pork on the wing, y’all!

  13. Munchin wants us to take 70% of our prior income instead of $600 for unemployment. That wouldn’t result in a drop in benefits for me. I’d still go back to work if they called me though. My benefits were a lot more than just money. I lost holiday pay, vacation and sick leave, three kinds of insurance, plus my health insurance, plus my 401k match from the company.

  14. Louie Gohmert has tested positive for Covid-19. Maybe when enough of the maskholes get it, the tide will turn on really needing to lockdown, correctly this time, and we’ll get this under control.

  15. Don Lemon is slicing and dicing all the anti-vote-by-mail Trumpers who all have recently used vote-by-mail.

  16. Just read that the Motorcycle Rally at Sturgis, South Dakota is being held despite the pandemic. It’s a ten day event, if one stays for the duration. Upwards of 250,000 potential plague-carriers are expected to attend. How many will leave already displaying symptoms?

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