Trump Sues for Breach of Contract

Trump’s lawyers, running out of legal arguments to overturn the 2020 election, have filed a lawsuit alleging breach of contract. The lawsuit names The Devil, aka Satan, as the sole defendant and alleges a contract between Trump and Satan. Trump alleges he fulfilled his obligations under the contract, i.e. that he gave his soul to the Devil, and the Devil did not live up to his contractual obligations.

Trump is seeking a court order to force the Devil to overturn the 2020 election plus pay punitive damages in excess of $1 billion. If the Devil fails to respond to the litigation, Trump will win by default. Legal scholars disagree as to whether U.S. courts have jurisdiction over Hades, and the matter will likely head to the Supreme Court, assuming Team Trump can show personal service of the lawsuit on Satan.

Update: Nancy Pelosi’s office refused to accept service of the summons and complaint late yesterday. In a press release, the Speaker’s office stated, “Contrary to popular belief, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in not the Devil’s Advocate.”

75 thoughts on “Trump Sues for Breach of Contract

  1. It’s amazing how all of the right and some of the left despise Nancy, for their own disparate reasons. I see the “purity” progressives calling for her head, while of course the right thinks she’s a communist/socialist/marxist/radical leftist.

    • Pelosi is a perpetrator of the Iron Law of Institutions.:

      Jonathan Schwarz wrote this in 2007:
      Democrats operate according to the Iron Law of Institutions. The Iron Law of Institutions is: the people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power within the institution rather than the power of the institution itself. Thus, they would rather the institution “fail” while they remain in power within the institution than for the institution to “succeed” if that requires them to lose power within the institution.

      This became crystal clear to me when several of Pelosi’s staunch supporters went down to primary opponents in 2018, so she had to resort to blackballing consultants who work for candidates who oppose her precious incumbents, who wouldn’t be in any danger of losing their seats if they were advocates for their constituents instead of Nancy Pelosi.
      When she went ‘small ball’ on Trump with the impeachment, instead of throwing the book at him, and charging him with every violation applicable, she lost my last bit of admiration. Impeachment was a nuisance as far as she was concerned, instead of a duty to the people.
      I get angrier every day when some fool on DU belittles Bernie Sanders as ‘not a democrat’ because he doesn’t need the party to get elected in Vermont. The DNC party machine isn’t worth much anymore and the lack of coattails in the 2020 election is proof of it.

      • I switched to the Republican Party this summer and wish all progressives would. We could primary Republicans because their base is smaller. Call it a ‘hostile takeover’ in business terms.

        As an added bonus, I could respond to Republican surveys and totally denounce Trump and the Republican Party’s policies, thus skewing their poll results. Oh, and they waste money sending me mailers, too.

    • I’m so used to watching videos like that at DU, that I reflexively looked for the rec button at the end. Consider this an unofficial recommend then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Our power went out early this morning (big rain/windstorm) and only just came back on about an hour ago. Good thing I wasn’t planning to cook anything today. When I finally went to bed early this morning, it was still 60 degrees out. ALL of our snow is gone!

    Merry Christmas to All! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • A couple hours ago I tried to text my ex, and found out my phone service is down (AT&T). Turns out, the bombing in Nashville has affected our wireless towers here in Huntsville, 100 miles away. If we’re on wifi, we can communicate by email, but no talk or text. At least the fiber optic is functioning.
      The big storm came through here Thursday before daylight, then the temps dropped quickly after dark. Our precip happened before the cold, but we had a low in the teens this morning and barely reached 30 today. Another low in the teens and back to near normal (47) tomorrow. The wind is really cold.
      All the Christmas we have left is the meal my ex is cooking, at the older son’s house. She is taking care of the two dogs over there while they are out of town.

      • Since the only part of the normal Christmas meal that Wayne’ll eat is the turkey and rolls, I wasn’t about to bother making turkey just for him. Once I get some dentures (I had 5 teeth pulled) I’ll kill for a full holiday meal!

        Wayne’s always been bah-humbug about Christmas, so we do less and less every year anyway. I dread the holiday season now, and not just because of reminder of my parents’ deaths. This time the only decorations I put up was a wreath on the door. ๐Ÿ˜’

        • Wayne and I share food preferences. I only eat the turkey, rolls, hashbrown casserole (fancy hash browns), and regular green beans (not green bean casserole, that has mushroom in it!) Never could get into dressing, squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, rutabaga, or anything made with pumpkin.

          • Do you at least have gravy on your turkey? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Our normal Christmas for the last few years hasn’t been turkey. I haven’t had to do any cooking. Our niece’s husband, Michael, usually makes a whole filet mignon on the grill, and does a creamy peppercorn sauce with it. Of course, with Wayne there, my brother also does a turkey breast and Wayne’s sister does the normal turkey sides. So there’s usually leftovers we can take from both main dishes. And leftovers are always so good, better than presents!

            • No gravy on the turkey. I can eat sausage gravy from Hardees, but I don’t care for other kinds of gravy. I just had turkey breast, hashbrown casserole, green beans, and rolls. It was enough I didn’t want seconds. I have three pieces of pizza in case I get hungry for it later. Nothing galls me worse than wanting pizza, and all the pizza places are closed. I always get a pizza before the places all close at 6pm on Christmas Eve. By tomorrow everything will be back to normal, but I only have two places I can trust to use PPE properly and neither one is cheap.

  3. Last Tuesday I learned that my former employer, with whom I spent an hour talking to the previous Friday, tested positive for COVID 19 and was symptomatic before our meeting. So my wife and I spent Christmas in quarantine.

    Our son had come down from Yosemite. He had spent two weeks self-quarantining since the Park shutdown just so he could spend Christmas with us. But because I was exposed, we couldn’t let him in the house. He stayed in the RV.

    I roasted a small (6 1/2 lb) prime rib for dinner, something I’m getting pretty good at.

    Just got the results from last Wednesday’s COVID test – – negative.

    Peace and Blessings, friends

    • I’m surprised and sorry that your former employer met with you despite having symptoms. What a shame, with your son visiting! So glad to hear that you tested negative. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Mmmm, prime rib sounds wonderful. I keep drooling over everyone else’s holiday dinners, I can’t wait to be able to eat real food again.

  4. “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect…” – Frank Wilhoit

    Guess which group we all belong to?

  5. I haven’t been seeing much really good stuff lately. I’ve been watching a lot of Perry Mason and Untouchables reruns instead of looking at DU. The hero-worship for being better than Trump about has made me sick. Anything could do better than Trump.

  6. Pfizer #1 is finally in my arm! My class, 1C, was eligible on March 22, here in Alabama. I was signed up by my housemate, who works at the hospital call center, on March 20, then heard nothing from them. On April 13th she texted me she could sign me up for a definite appointment for today. So now I’m on the clock for the second shot in three weeks.

  7. More text to enable WP to post this tweet:

  8. Hey, guys, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I stopped here. My life kinda turned upside down the last few months.

    Wayne and I are in the process of getting an amicable divorce, and last month I moved out to Michigan to move in with a close online friend, Scott. Wayne’s in the process of clearing junk out of our house before trying to sell it, and I’ll go back at some time to move furniture out that I want.

    I do miss my home and my ‘kids’ terribly, and sometimes overwhelmingly, especially my little Squiggy. Hell, I’m crying now, just thinking about him. It hasn’t been easy for either Wayne or me.

    I hope that everyone else is well!

    • Sorry to hear you and Wayne have had to part. It’s good you have a close friend to lean on.
      I was already separated when y’all ‘met’ me here at The Zoo. My ‘amicable’ divorce was final in 2013 but we had been separated almost ten years before that. I am turning 65 in a few months and looking toward figuring out Medicare. I may start my Social Security early if no job comes along but at least it’s a fallback to keep some income flowing.
      The crazy thing is, my ex got gay-married shortly after our divorce was final. It was the thing that finally made that happen. We have kept in close contact because we need each other’s skills at fixing things. Then four years ago, her house experienced an electrical fault that turned out to be a bad 100 amp fuse, but because it didn’t blow right away, the house got smoky and she panicked and dialed 911. When the fire department got there, and saw her temporary wiring workarounds, they took away her power until she passes a full inspection. She is still trying to get a final building plan that will allow her to get a permit and start the renovation. My house was the only viable place they could live in the meantime.
      She spent most of this last year making masks to sell on Etsy yet lost money trying. She could have had her plan complete by now, but she’s still working on it. I just hope they can move out before I die.

      • I seem to recall the incident that compelled your ex and her spouse to move in with you. I know that the wiring in our house was iffy at best, but it was like that when Wayne and I moved in.

        Medicare itself isn’t terribly complicated, it’s the ‘Medicare Advantage’ plan choice that is enough to drive one batshit. I had the damnedest time finding a decent plan, had it set up and had actually gotten to the point where I had used up my Rx deductible. I moved to Michigan the first week in May, and when I went online to inform the Medicare Advantage plan folks that I had moved, and found out there that my coverage had, for some unknown reason, EXPIRED! WTF? So right now I have no prescription coverage, but I guess it doesn’t matter much if I don’t even have a goddamn doctor yet.

        Other than that, and me missing my kitties, I’m settling in pretty well, considering I’m now in an apartment rather than a house with a yard. I do miss my birdfeeders, too!

        • Hello friends. I know it’s been months since I’ve checked in.

          So, first, no, I didn’t get COVID, thank goodness. Second, it’s taken me some time to process and heal from a) being exposed to a fatal disease without my knowledge, and b) the insurrection.

          Jane and Wayne, I’m saddened to hear you two are parting ways. I am gladdened that the parting is amicable. You are both still welcome to post on this site, as far as I am concerned.

          • Thanks, BnF, and I’m glad you stopped in, it’s good to know that you’re okay, more or less. I’m not sure when I’ll be up to posting a new thread, I seem to always start one then news topics, etc., move on so quickly. I think we’re all suffering from PTSD after the 2020 shitshow and, as you mentioned, the insurrection. I still shout at the TV when talking heads call it a “riot.”

  9. !4 year Zooniversary was yesterday. My 13 year anniversary with WordPress was also yesterday.

    Meanwhile, New Orleans is celebrating the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with Hurricane Ida.

  10. Good morning….I just dropped in to see if anyone was still around. Jane, I’m sorry (I think) to hear of your divorce. I always thought you two were a mismatch. Wayne seemed irritable and temperamental as a rule. He’s someone who needs to be alone. I must say, I’m happy you got away from that. You’re kind and courteous and always pleasant and intelligent, with good to say about/to people.

  11. Jane, moving to another state gives you an SEP or Special enrollment period, you may be able to renew your Part D drug plan since it’s now open enrollment thru December 15th.

    If you can’t get your Advantage plan fixed, you can enroll in only part D and then add a Medicare supplement plan for your doctors and specialists and various screenings. You can add a MC Supplement anytime, but the Part D drug plans have to be done by December 15.

    I HOPE JANE sees this….Or someone knows how to get in touch with her. I hate to see her do without, that could be catastrophic.

  12. When you move from one state to the next, you only have 63 days to enroll in a new MC Advantage. The good news is you can by a MC supplement.

  13. Not Fugelsang for a change.

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