Thinking ahead…Looking back


Twenty-five years ago the Supreme Court declared that women don’t have the right to bodily autonomy, and that States are free to prohibit abortions from the moment of conception. This was followed soon thereafter by allowing States to prohibit any form of birth control. The burden fell most heavily on poor women who lived in Republican-controlled States. Women of color bore the brunt, if you will, of the ensuing population explosion.

A quarter of a century ago, a large faction of white Americans believed that minorities were trying to take over the country by weight of sheer numbers. The Dobbs decision turned this fear into a reality. The birthrate for minorities jumped significantly in 2023 and has climbed ever since. Meanwhile, the birthrate for white, suburban-class families either stayed the same or decreased slightly. By 2040 these unwanted minority children were old enough to vote. Now, they represent a demographic of such proportions that the most extreme gerrymandering is unable to dilute their influence at the polls.

The minority has become the majority, and the pro-life faction that opposed every measure to care for these “Dobbs Babies” are finally losing their advocates on the Supreme Court and in Congress. The demise of the United States as a “Christian Nation” is at hand, due in no small part by white evangelical Christians getting everything they wanted.

1 thought on “Thinking ahead…Looking back

  1. Neither Fascist Italy nor Nazi Germany lasted all that long in the grand scheme of things. But it was quite long enough to cause a staggering amount of damage that I’m still young enough to witness most of.

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