Trump in hot…. lukewarm…. tepid water over calls to Vatican, Boris.

Not only is President For Life Donald Trump in hot water for his call to the Ukraine “allegedly” seeking foreign assistance in the 2020 election, he has recently come under scrutiny for calls placed to the Vatican and Boris (Brexit) Johnson.

Trump “allegedly” asked Pope Francis to make him a Saint. In return, Trump would build a hotel/casino project in Vatican City. Trump felt the Catholic Church owed him the position of Sainthood, given He is The Chosen One. Pope Francis, it is said, was not impressed. He asked Trump to give an example of a miracle he performed. “Hey,” Trump is said to have said, “I haven’t been impeached!” The Pope was forced to agree that rose to miracle status, however, the Pope mused, it could be because Satan has possessed a majority of the American Senate. Pope Francis hinted that many of Trump’s supporters may have already sold their souls to the devil. Trump ended the conversation abruptly, threatening to cut off the Vatican’s supply of nuclear missiles.

Shortly after Trump hung up on the Pope, he speed-dialed Boris Johnson, who owed Trump a favor for his undying support for Brexit, and anything else that would give Putin an edge over Europe. Sources listening in to the conversation, including ham radio operators in Greenland, overheard Trump lobbying for a knighthood. “Sir Trump.” The President of the United States seemed to like the title. He encouraged Boris to sell the idea to the Queen. In return, Trump would give Boris lifetime membership in his golf course in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Boris, as fond as he is of number 45, is said to have balked. He is said to have told Trump that Trump has to be British to be called Sir Trump. Trump apparently retorted that his father was born in the British Sector of Berlin after the fall of the Third Reich and that had to count for something. Boris seemed to indicate he would try to make something up that the Queen would believe, and that maybe Trump would be Sir Trump once the “no-deal” Brexit became a reality, throwing the United Kingdom into economic and political turmoil for the foreseeable future.

Trump, it is said, fell asleep dreaming of tweeting under the #realSaintTrump and #realSirTrump hashtags.

Hump Day, 9/11/19: Trump Declares Victory over Hurricane Dorian

In a speech meant to commemorate the events of Nine-One-One, Trump veered off course and declared a “complete, total, victory” over Hurricane Dorian. He took full credit for “saving the good people of Alabama” from the effects of the hurricane.

“I could have nuked the hurricane” he said. “Could have. But didn’t. And that would have put an end to it while it was still over the Bahamas. But I didn’t.” Trump held up his “Magic Sharpie Map.”

Trump displays the highly classified NOAA Map showing Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama.

Trump told the sparse audience at his rain-soaked Mar-a-Lago resort where he spent the week golfing and nominating club members for federal judicialships that he alone deflected Dorian’s path. “I drew other maps, maps that are highly classified. Highly classified. Because they worked. These other maps, drawn with my magic sharpie, which you can all buy a copy of, by the way. Won’t work as good as mine. Yours won’t have my magic in them, but they will bear my official signature, which is magical, by the way. Very magical.”

“I took my sharpie…magical sharpie….and I drew a line showing Hurricane Dorian curving away from Florida, away from this beautiful spot where you are now all standing, and up the coast. And guess what….the hurricane obeyed me. It followed my map.”

A polite round of applause ensued, whereupon Trump declared “I am the Chosen One.”

This, of course, was portrayed by CN”Fake News” Network as Trump talking about trade talks with China once more. The Liberal Left refuses to acknowledge that Trump has the power to change the weather.

However, when it comes to magic, and being the Chosen One, Trump has competition from the other side of the pond.

Pregnancies lasting longer as babies refuse to leave the womb

The average length of a pregnancy in the United States has seen a marked increase in the last two years, up from 40 weeks to 42 1/2 weeks. Health officials are at a loss to explain the trend, but Heimlich Schachzug, a heretofore unknown child psychologist, has developed a novel theory.

“Zees people are afraid to leaf der vomb” Dr. Schachzug stated in a recent lecture at the U.S. Conference of Ob/Gyns. “Unt zay haf every reason to be afraid.” The child psychologist went on to explain his theory. People, and unborn people are people, know that as long as they are in the womb, the current Administration will care for them and protect them. But once they are out, they are on their own. Lack of healthcare and “food insecurity” are the two most prevalent reasons people give for refusing to leave the womb.

The trend to remain in the womb is growing at an alarming rate. Dr. Schachzug predicts that by the end of Trump’s first term in office, average gestation times will approach 50 weeks. Other countries, however, do not seem to be experiencing this phenomena.

Preliminary findings in a cross-sectional study suggest a high correlation between pregnant women who watch Fox News and increased gestational times. “Apparently,” Dr. Schachzug concluded, “Fox News scares the sheisse out of zeese people. It is no vunder zay refuse to leaf der vomb.”

So Happy It’s Thursday

Breaking Gnus:

Trump went on a now-deleted Twitter rampage after learning the newest Royal Baby wasn’t named after him.

He tweeted an executive order decreeing that “From now on, all boys born in this GREAT CONTRY will be named Donald. Like me. Its a GREAT name.Girls can be named Donna, after me, but it wnt be as great bc their grlz.”

Hump Day, 4/24/2019 edition

Breaking Gnus:

Mexico detains Americans at border crossings and other points of entry – separates children from parents.

Citing a massive influx Americans fleeing the U.S. the Mexican government instituted a policy similar to that of the United States. American citizens, claiming they are “tourists” are being detained at the border and housed in tent cities. Their children are separated from their parents and kept in “tender care” campos. Thus far there are no plans to keep track of which children are taken from which parents.

The Mexican government has issued assurances that they will give the same standard of care to these border crossers that the United States has given to individuals and families crossing from Mexico into the United States.

Young adults flying into ports of entry claiming they are on “Spring Break” are housed in youth lock-down facilities until their status can be ascertained, which could, according to government officials, take several months. “These young Americans bring in a tremendous amount of lawlessness, ranging from public drunkenness to debauchery. This must be stopped before they corrupt the youth of Mexico.” an unnamed public official said, off the record.

Trump responded in a late night tweet, threatening to increase tariffs on tourism to Mexico and institute a special duty on imports of Mexican covfefe.