Music Night, April 24, 2015

It can be a lot of fun surfing through YouTube, starting out with one intention and following the breadcrumbs to something very different. At any rate, I ran across this video of one of my all-time favorite guitarists, John Cipollina, best known for his work with Quicksilver Messenger. This is from a band he formed with the terrific blues-rock belter Nick Gravenites (think Butterfield, Electric Flag). This cut is almost all Cipollina which is, I think, a rarity. From 1980.

Oldies – Music Night, April 10, 2015

As a young man, I had convinced myself that I had the proper range to sing along with the Everly Brothers. In the car, with no passengers, it worked pretty well. Even I knew better than to attempt this in public, but hearing them on the radio always felt good. There are some interesting videos online with the brothers joined by all manner of amazing musicians but this one captures them in their youth, complete with pompadours.

Canadians, eh! Music Night, March 27 2015

NPR came through for me yesterday with their Heavy Rotation suggestion, a Canadian duo called Whitehorse and this song. When I got home I didn’t hesitate to buy the whole album. Hope you like it. (Does the opening remind anyone of a classic song used as the title for a story and a film employing this imagery?)

Friday the 13th Again! Music Night, March 13, 2015

Tonight’s a two-fer because I fear that both of these artists are fading or have faded from the collective consciousness of folk music. Show of hands, who knows about Judy Henske? The video isn’t the greatest quality but it does capture the power coiled up in this slender, demure-looking woman.

But I couldn’t resist including an early Richie Havens take on the same classic folk song. Because, hell, Richie Havens.

Music Night, January 30 2015

Honestly, this song was officially an “oldie” even in my day but it’s a doo wop classic and still makes me smile. I love the fact that the Penguins can still pull off the vocals after all these decades. And they still look sharp.