Daily Gnuz – Christmas Week

Hey Critters! Sorry for my extended absence. Been working my fanny off and finally get some time to breathe.

Today, the day after Christmas, I’m not going to give us too much bad gnuz…

This is what Christmas looked like the year you were born – for me – 1948
Irving Berlin, Jinx Falkenburg, and Bob Hope spent Christmas 1948 overseas entertaining the troops – and got into some hijinks at the same time.


5 moments that show 2018 was marijuana legalization’s biggest year yet
From Canada to Michigan to California, marijuana legalization had a very big year.

H/T Vox

Larry Flynt trolls Don Jr. by hiring mistress that blew up Trump’s marriage to New Year’s Eve soiree
H/T Raw Story
Karmic Ending. Enjoy

Happy New Year to you all!

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Occasional Gnuz

Sorry I’ve been so absent, just too much going on at home and work..

But, here’s the Occasional Gnuz for Twozdae, August 28thish

US court says North Carolina gerrymander is illegal — seeks new congressional map by November
H/T Raw Story
So perhaps there’s hope for this democracy to survive. Courts, judges, the Constitution at work for us as a Nation.

The President Is a White-Nationalist Mob Boss—and His Base Doesn’t Care
H/T The Nation
Nails it. Shut.

Trump’s destruction: A neuroscientist explains what happens when a narcissist begins to lose power
H/T Raw Story (Again)
Sorry to scare the living feces out of you, but this is worth digesting.

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Daily Gnuz

Thurzday, the Fourteenth of June

And here’s the Gnuz:

Report: Former ‘Vino Vixen’ Appointed By Trump Compiling State Dept. Loyalty List
For X sake, we know Trump loves him some authoritarianism, but he’s taking Kim Jung Un-ism much to much to heart.

Pressure on Michael Cohen intensifies as Mueller stays focused on the Trump attorney
H/T Wa Po
Well, his attorneys quit, he’s isolated and facing multiple state charges that no pardon will get him out of.
Time to give it up, and flip/roll over on The Dumpster.

Psychologist warns Trump’s mental state is rapidly deteriorating — and he may be ‘on the boundary of psychosis and reality’
H/T Raw Story
But we already knew that.
Just getting professional confirmation!

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Daily Gnuz

Monday Edition, hot off the keyboard..(OUCH)

Flake On WH Adviser’s ‘Special Place In Hell’ Comment: ‘This Cannot Be Our Party’
Yes, Mr. Flake, this is what used to be the Republican Party. Now it has been taken over by the Brown Shirts. And you stood by while that happened. History will be harsh in its recollection of this political era.

White House employs an entire department ordered to tape papers back together after Trump rips them up
H/T Raw Story
Yes, we now have the Department of Kindergarten Bad Behavior follow up Department.

John Kelly: White House ‘A Miserable Place To Work’
Yes, General. And you own it. Why you haven’t run screaming from the building at this point is waaaaay the hell beyond me. You are an accomplice to this disaster, the longer you stay the deeper in feces you suck.

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Daily Gnuz

Thor’s day, Last Day of the Mayish month.
Here bee the Gnuz…

The shocking truth about the Hurricane Maria death toll is our Trump nightmare made real
An unfit president contributes to an unprecedented catastrophe.

H/T Vox
Negligence in the first degree. Grounds for impeachment. A complete and utter DISGRACE!


Trump Denies Firing Comey Over Russia Despite Having Admitted It Before
Who you gonna believe, the old, lying me, or the new, still lying me? C’mon, make up your mind!


The Memo: Trump’s feud with Sessions grows toxic
H/T The HIll
Since the AG sits at the pleasure of the President, why doesn’t Trump just fire him?

A: He has a secret crush on Jeffie Beauregard
B: Jeffie Beauregard has a dossier on Trump
C: Jeffie loves his job, and is a masochist at heart
D: All of the above

Thank you for your responses, which will be promptly ignored.

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Daily Gnuz

For Monday, May Twenty First

And Here’z the Gnuz:

I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery.
H/T Vox
A well writen piece, with very conclusive statistics.
Not that those would ever sway a gunster…

Is Trump adviser Bolton trying to undercut the president and kill the North Korea talks?
H/T Raw Story
That’s a silly question.
Of course he is. He’s the original NeoConWarMongeringChickenFeces MoFo.

Giuliani Claims Mueller Has Sept. 1 Deadline For Obstruction Of Justice Probe
Lessee, Labor Day? Arbor Day? Pumpkin Patch Inspection Day?
WTF does Sept 1st have to do with anything?
Rudy’s gonna draw a line in the sand he can’t back up.
I think Mueller’s goading Trump into pre-emptive pardons for everyone in his circle, to set the plate for impeachment.

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Daily Gnuz

It’s FRIGGIN FRIDAY! April 27thish
Here’s what gnuz is happening!

North Korea’s leader steps across border for a historic summit
A handshake between North and South Korea’s leaders is just the start: They are expected to discuss a formal peace agreement.
H/T Vox
Now that the North has Nukes, you’ll see them seeing themselves as an equal player on the world stage.
They now feel immune to regime change such as we saw in Iraq in 2003.

At the Fed, the Scene Is Being Set for Financial Disaster
H/T The Nation
An interesting read on how Trump is packing the Fed with the usual business too-friendly toadies. The sub-headline reads:
A crash could prove to be Donald Trump’s worst legacy.

The cost of Donald Trump’s deserted government
H/T Politico
Sparse leadership across federal agencies leaves Americans in limbo.
These departments provide services for the most part.
Without staffing, no services. The swamp they’re draining is America.

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