The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 1, 2016 – Super Tuesday

We interrupt our regular programs to bring you up to the minute commentary by posters of this blog on the Super Tuesday primary event. As a way of introduction and background, here is a snippet from Raw Story:

Democrat Hillary Clinton aims to build an impregnable lead on “Super Tuesday,” the most consequential day of the presidential nominations calendar, while Republicans struggle to derail their insurgent and controversial front-runner Donald Trump.

With barely 24 hours before the big day, Clinton and Trump are well positioned to secure the lion’s share of the delegate bonanza in the 11 states voting in each party’s primaries.

Trump and Hillary? Let the voters decide.

Follow the money (per NBC News):




Leftover Turkey?

Got some leftover turkey? Wondering what to do with it? We made a soup with ours, and believe me, it’s the best! Give it a try and join your holiday turkey in HEAVEN!

It’s fairly simple, really, and even though it’s the time of year when farmer’s markets are only memories, typical supermarket ‘stuff” works just fine. It’ll take a large pot; I prefer to use my old giant pressure cooker that is a remnant from the days when we ran the restaurant at an AZ mountain lodge, but any large pot will work; it just takes a little longer.

The following makes a lot of soup, but it refrigerates perfectly well and keeps very nicely, even gains a little flavor complexity in the process. It’s good for at least a week (which is about how long it takes two people to eat it all)!

Part A
1/2 cup pearled barley
1/2 cup wild rice
5 cups water
1 Tbsp chicken bouillon powder
1 Tbsp onion powder

Part B
3-4 cups leftover turkey (no skin or bone), cut up into bite-sized pieces
2 cups chopped carrots
2 cups chopped celery
2 cups chopped sweet onion
16 oz fresh mushrooms, sliced (baby bella, white, shiitake, whatever’s available)
1 Tbsp dried/crushed oregano leaves
1 Tbsp dried/crushed marjoram leaves
1 Tbsp dried/crushed thyme leaves
1Tbsp ground Herbs de Provence
1Tbsp ground summer savory
1 cup cooked black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup cooked garbanzos, drained and rinsed
1 cup canned corn, drained and rinsed
6 cups water
2 Tbsp chicken bouillon powder
1 cup plain (no fat) yogurt
3/4 cup salsa verde (Hatch, La Costena, homemade, whatever)

Part C
4 Tbsp melted butter
4 Tbsp white flour
1 cup reserve broth from Part A, above
1/2 cup non-fat plain yogurt
1-2 Tbsp chopped fresh baby dill (or 1 Tbsp dried chopped dill weed)

NOTE: In part B, feel free to substitute de-fatted turkey dripping “broth” or stock (if you didn’t use it for gravy) for water and bouillon powder — 1 cup water plus 1 tsp bouillon powder equals 1 cup turkey stock.

Simplest way is to use a pressure cooker.  A large and deep saucepan will work well, but cooking times will be substantially longer.

Combine Part A ingredients in cooker or pot, cook till barley and wild rice are soft and starting to fluff (about 30 mins in pressure cooker).  Carefully reserve about one cup of the broth and set it aside.  Then add all of Part B ingredients, return to heat, cook (under pressure) for about 15 minutes, or in regular pot until carrots have softened nicely (sample a spoonful of the broth and add a little kosher or sea salt if necessary, to taste).

Meanwhile, make the roux:
Part C ingredients:  Melt the butter in a small skillet or saucepan, whisk in the flour till smooth, cook over med heat, stirring, for a minute or two, until the mixture bubbles.  It should be creamy smooth, add a little butter or flour to adjust if necessary.  Remove from heat and stir in the reserved broth, then the yogurt and the dill.  Whisk till smooth.

Finally, add the Part C blend to the pot, stir till smoothly incorporated and blended, return to heat and bring to a soft boil.  Stir until the soup starts to thicken, about 3-4 minutes.  Remove from heat and allow to rest for five minutes or so, then serve with favorite croutons.


The Watering Hole: Wednesday, June 20, 2012: Does it really Matter?

Ok, so for the next few months, if you’re in a “swing” State, you’ll be inundated with SuperPAC commercials designed to get you to vote against your own best interests. We will also be systematically bombarded with messages from the Mainstream Media designed to influence our thinking.


If the Powers That Be really want Obama out, all they have to do is raise gas prices to about $5.00/gallon. Instead, gas prices are going down, heading into the summer vacation season. That’s not to say they won’t go up between now and the election – but they are an accurate predictor of where our economy will head. So, pay attention to the pump, not the talking heads.

Ok, that’s my $0.0199 cents. And you?



The Watering Hole: October 12 – Salem Witch Trials End

Today in 1692, Christine O’Donnell could breath a sigh of relief. The Salem Witch Trials came to an end.

No longer did Christine need to worry about being outed as a witch. As everybody should know, in these trials, the innocent died while the guilty survived, hence she had nothing worry about as long as she survived the Bar-B-Que at the post (Which would be a snap for a real witch.)

This is our open thread. Please feel free to offer your own comments on this or any other topic.