Watering Hole: August 29, 2011 – Tomato

For me, this is the best season of the year.  It is tomato season.

Tomatoes are native to the Americas and along with peppers, eggplant, and belladonna, are members of the nightshade family.

This fruit is so very versatile.  You can cook it and make a sauce which is great on pizza or over pasta.  Add tomatoes to soups.  Raw tomatoes make yummy sandwiches and can be added to any salad.

The only good tomato is a fresh tomato grown in season.  The tomatoes that are sold in the supermarkets in the off season have a high “yuk” factor.  Science keeps trying to genetically modify the tomato so that the consumer can enjoy the taste of fresh tomatoes all year round.  So far, they have not succeeded in creating this tomato.  Some of the best varieties are the “heirlooms“.  Tomatoes are relatively easy to grow.  One does not need much space to grow tomatoes as they can be grown in containers.  The only requirements are the warm sun, good, clean soil and water when needed.

Here’s a link to the nutritional information for tomatoes.

So grab a salt shaker and head for the tomato garden.

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THE Watering Hole: April 9 – Man and Nature

We have a post lamp out front. Until about three years ago, we used a 60 watt bulb controlled by a light sensor. Up to that time, a green tree frog would climb up the post at sunset and leave about dawn.

Then, we decided to put in one of those spiral bulbs that draw about 8 watts, but without the sensor. It turns out that the light frequencies emitted by that bulb work day and night at attracting insects. Now the frog or a relative is getting fat. The insects are also threatened.

Question is: should I get a light sensor which would require a 14 watt bulb but draw 3 watts 24 hours per day in order to control the frog’s obesity as well as the insect population?

I am not sure that it is the same frog, but my Granddaughter insists that is an animal she calls “Greeny”.

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Sunday Roast: Chicken!!

I promised a foodie post this weekend, so here it is.  Roast chicken is one of the best things on the planet.  My mom used to make a killer roast chicken when I was a kid, and I’ve fallen into the bad habit of buying rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.  Now that the weather has turned cooler, I won’t mind having the oven on so long — roast chicken coming up!

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The Watering Hole/Feeding Trough: July 15 – Foodie Alert!!

Steak tartare.....Mmmm?

Photo by gummitch

Okay Zoosters, you asked for it!  Post your recipes and favorite (or least favorite) food experiences here.   I’ll have a pad a pencil ready to make a shopping list.  ;)

Now we’ve seen how gummitch spends his Saturday nights, so I’m a bit green around the gills.  But he assures me the wine was fabulous — if he remembers correctly.  Heh.

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The Watering Hole: May 22 – Hey grandpa, what’s for supper?


Pico de Gallo

6 Roma tomatoes, diced

1/2 c. Vidalia onion, diced

3 jalapeno peppers, seeded and diced

1 1/2 t. garlic, minced

1/3 c. fresh cilantro, chopped

1 t. fresh oregano, chopped

3 fresh limes, squeezed

Salt & pepper

Combine the first six ingredients.  Add the juice of the limes.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Refrigerate in a tightly close container; overnight is best.


Yum, yummy!!  What’s cooking in your part of the world these days?  Share your recipes here, and you might find a few to add to your recipe box.

This post was inspired and requested by our bloggy friend, Hoodathunk. Thanks for the yummy idea!

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