Daily Gnuz, Saturnday Edition

I received this email this morning from Congress.org:

Elizabeth Warren must be defeated because she is the most extreme, liberal politician out there. And we need your help to STOP her! We must reach our goal of 5,000 signatures and yours is missing- SIGN THE PETITION NOW to defeat Extreme Elizabeth in 2018 >>>

Just how extreme is she? Why don’t we let Extreme Elizabeth speak for herself?

Add your name to the petition before it’s too late >>>

Extreme Elizabeth has made her positions all too clear. Medicare for All. Universal health care. Blood money.

We need you to ACT NOW before she can mobilize her radical, national base.

There’s no denying Elizabeth Warren is extreme when it comes to the issues. And she’s not even hiding it anymore.

We cannot allow Elizabeth Warren or her rhetoric to represent Massachusetts any longer. That’s why I’m asking you to join me by adding your name to stop Elizabeth Warren!

In this together,
John Kingston

I don’t think that WE’RE “In this together”, John – here’s my response:

Go fuck yourselves – I like Senators who have a spine. Not a PENIS, a SPINE – I know that those words contain the same letters, but they’re NOT the same thing.

There’s a reason I’m registered as an Independent: because I’m a Liberal, and I believe that Elizabeth Warren represents my interests and my view of what America should and CAN be, more than any other Senator or Congresscritter (particularly my own John Faso.)

I want someone in DC fighting for the poor and middle-class, not the corporate donors and dark-money interests. I want Citizens United overturned so that the uber-wealthy and foreign-moneyed interests do NOT control my government.

So you can take your ubiquitous conservative white male and shove him up trump’s ass.


Jane E. Schneider

If you’d like to contact this John Kingston fellow, here’s his home page.

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Daily Gnuz

How on earth are we supposed to keep up with ALL the dumb ass s**t that the morons occupying the White House are doing?
Nevertheless, here’s the Gnuz, at least some of it…

Report: President Trump himself crafted his son’s misleading Russia statement
h/t Vox
We are at the point where one must ask:
What did D. Trump know, and when did he know it?


Steve Schmidt Goes Off: Scaramucci Revealed ‘Snake Pit’ Of Lying Liars
h/t C&L
Lighten up Steve! They’re just playing the hands they are dealt, emulating the patron that gave them their phony baloney jobs they are unqualified to perform. What else did you expect?


‘I don’t know’: Leaked audio reveals how clueless Kushner is on stagnant Middle East peace plan
h/t Raw Story
And speaking of clueless and unqualified…
Funny that this story was leaked by one of the new crop of interns…Polygraphs, anyone?

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Semi-Daily Gnuz

In the Gnuz today…

Trump: ‘I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director’ h/t The Hill
It may just be as Rachel Maddow suggested earlier, that Trump doesn’t posess the faculty to understand what he’s doing. He has such a limited grasp and concept of the law, that he commits crimes without knowing what he’s doing.
Or, he’s just plain evil. Or some combination of extreme stupidity and narcissism.


‘That is autocracy’: Russian journalist explains how Trump has already set America down a dangerous path h/t Raw Story
Here’s a Russian journalist explaining the Trump paradigm. Would that his supporters would read this and understand who and what they are empowering


All The President’s Witnesses For The Prosecution h/t TPM
Incompetence extends to having so little self awareness that you twine the rope with which you hang yourself.

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