The Watering Hole, Saturday, January 17th, 2015: Gud F*cking Gramer

Although, ages ago, in his “Ask The Grammar Guy” piece, Wayne had expertly covered these common grammar mistakes that make us cringe when we see them, here’s a pithy and profane way to remember the rules:

Fucking Grammar

Fucking Grammar

I realize that all of us here are well familiar with these rules, and are exceptional and eloquent writers who never make those mistakes (and we’re humble, too), so here’s a (very large:  300+ photos) photo gallery of “The Stunning Creatures of the White Sea.” The gallery was put together by Camille Mann and Edicio Martinez, and (as usual), is brought to you courtesy of the Weather Channel. Here’s just one of the unusual creatures:

 Coryphella verrucosa

Coryphella verrucosa


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The Watering Hole: Wednesday, June 20, 2012: Does it really Matter?

Ok, so for the next few months, if you’re in a “swing” State, you’ll be inundated with SuperPAC commercials designed to get you to vote against your own best interests. We will also be systematically bombarded with messages from the Mainstream Media designed to influence our thinking.


If the Powers That Be really want Obama out, all they have to do is raise gas prices to about $5.00/gallon. Instead, gas prices are going down, heading into the summer vacation season. That’s not to say they won’t go up between now and the election – but they are an accurate predictor of where our economy will head. So, pay attention to the pump, not the talking heads.

Ok, that’s my $0.0199 cents. And you?



The Watering Hole: July 8 — Soap

I’m not sure why, but since yesterday’s post by Walt regarding bathroom tissue, I’ve been wanting…no, needing to wash my hands.  Might have been the sticks…

The earliest recorded evidence of the production of soap-like materials dates back to around 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon.  In the reign of Nabonidus (556-539 BCE) a recipe for soap consisted of uḥulu [ashes], cypress [oil] and sesame [seed oil] “for washing the stones for the servant girls”.  A formula for soap consisting of water, alkali, and cassia oil was written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC.

I’ve always been fascinated by soap-making…

I think I’ll try it one of these days!

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now that your hands are clean?

The Watering Hole: July 7 – Bathroom Tissue

Cleansing instruments used in lieu of bathroom tissue from the Nara period (710 to 784) in Japan. This illustrates why the Samurai (侍) were so tough.

Image is courtesy of Chris 73 via Wikipedia.

The first written reference to bathroom tissue is from the writings of Yan Zhitui dated to 589 CE in China. This was not recognized as good hygene by visitors tp that country from the Middle East and Europe where washing with water (Using the left hand for the task.) was the vogue. The bidet was to follow. Many materials, yes, including corn cobs, were used to remove the offensive material from ones person.

Mass production of bathroom tissue commenced in the United States during the mid 19th century CE.

Today, we take the product for granted.

For the straight poop on the subject, look here.

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The Watering Hole: July 2 – La Amistad

On July 2, 1839, Sengbe Pieh led captives being transported aboard La Amistad from Havana in a revolt against the ship’s crew. The captives had found an old file and freed themselves. They climbed to the main deck and armed with knives, fashioned from cane, gained control of the ship and then demanded to be returned to Africa. They sailed north along the United States coast to the tip of Long Island where the United States Revenue Cutter Service intercepted the ship and took it and its occupants to New Haven for trial.

The case ultimately reached the US Supreme Court, which ruled in 1841 that the Africans had been illegally taken as slaves for trade in the American South and ordered them freed. The captive ‘slaves’ returned to their native Africa in 1842.

Spain and Cuba frowned on the way the incident was handled but this represents a high point in United States law. Twenty-two more years passed before slavery was made illegal in the United States. It took about 100 more years for the descendants of the trade to realize a semblance of true freedom. That process is still in motion.

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The Watering Hole: June 16 – Education

The first free public school in the State of Wisconsin was opened in Southport (now Kenosha) on June 16, 1845. Michael Frank, a member of the Wisconsin territorial legislature, introduced bills authorizing the establishment of a public school system in Wisconsin in 1843, 1844, and 1845, but could not acquire the support necessary to secure passage. After realizing defeat in 1845, he introduced a bill authorizing the community of Southport to establish a free public school supported by property taxes. It was passed, although it would not become operative until approved by the citizens of Southport in a referendum vote. There was opposition to the law, but the referendum passed in April 1845. The resulting system of free public education became the model for the state public school system.

Education in Wisconsin has taken a blow to chin before it was even a state. That happened in 1848.

This very day, in Detroit Michigan the Ferguson Academy for Young Women is closing down because the appointed manager for the Detroit School system decided that it did not provide any benefit to society. The Catherine Ferguson Academy has steered countless minority women from a life on welfare or in prison to one that is productive. Now, the burden on society will be far worse than it could have been if Catherine Ferguson were allowed to remain open. The sole beneficiaries of this action will be the contract prisons that Conservatives are so eager to open. Society will only suffer.

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