Daily Gnuz

Thurzday, and here’s the Gnuz!

Shutdown drama grips the Capitol
H/T The Hill
The House TeaPartiers are holding up the process by demanding a vote on an idiotic piece of legislation that has no hope of ever becoming law. The incompetent Republicans unable to govern. Sad!

Vox Sentences: The Democratic momentum continues in Wisconsin
H/T Vox
Another Democratic win by 9% in a state district that went for Trump by 17%. Jig’s up incompetent TrumpLickers.

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath: report
H/T Raw Story
Beware the false flag red alert…He would do it…

Open Thread, Get your boots on and head for cover!

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Daily Gnuz

It’s finally Friday, this week felt like a month and a half…Here’s the FriGnuz

The GOP is trying to pass a super-unpopular agenda — and that’s a bad sign for democracy
Political science (and common sense) says they ought to pay a price at the polls. They might not.

H/T Vox
We now live in a pluto/kleptocracy, where corporations rule the people, money is speech, and elections are bought and paid for by PACs funded by the 1%.

Russian social media exec reached out to Scavino, Trump Jr. during campaign: report
H/T The Hill
Just a matter of time until they connect the micro targeting of the Russki ads on social media to the Trump campaign, digital wing and the bastards at Cambridge Analytics…

Congress clears spending bill, averting shutdown
But Democrats and Republicans remain far apart on a broader budget agreement.

H/T Politico
Can has been punted two weeks down the road. Let’s kill the gummint for Xmas! (Note: Picture of Nancy Pelosi surrounded by white male assholes and their body language is bizarre

Open Thread, Hope you survive the weekend!

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Daily Gnuz

Wednezday, Humpf Day, and Here’z the Gnuz!

Senate GOP Hold-Outs Moving To ‘Yes’ On Tax Bill After Promises From Trump, Leadership
Here we go, down the primrose lane…with thorns for the 99% and gilded lillies for the 1%

North Korea’s latest missile test went more than 10 times higher than the space station
H/T Vox
Looks like they are almost nuclear capable…Scary sheiss considering the two leades are 40 years apart chronologically, but are mirror images of themselves egotistically and emotionally.
Trump retorts… “I will only tell you, we will take care of it”. Hopefully he will do something more productive than shatting himself.

Trump Says He’ll Blame Democrats If The Government Shuts Down
It doesn’t matter what the Prezidunce calls it, or who he blames for it. The Republicans control the government, and they will own it. All the way to November 2018.

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Semi-Daily Gnuz

And, in today’s not so top stories…
Trump: ‘I just don’t want a poor person’ in top economic roles h/t The Hill
No Shit Sherlock. What happened to ‘drain the swamp’? Oh…Right… Except for cronies, Wall Street barons and the rest of the One Percenters


Three Ideas to Check Trump and Revive the Democratic Party h/t Paul Glastris @ Wa Mo
I personally like #3. Your take?


Senate GOP to bring Obamacare repeal bill out of the shadows h/t Politico
My best guess is that it’s close enough to the disaster that the House rolled out to get a conference compromise done.
As much as it’s going to hurt, it may be necessary for the nation to feel the excruciating pain that is coming, in order to kick the R’s out of office in ’18 and/or 2020.

Open Thread, feel free…

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Daily Gnuz

Good Solstice Day Morn to you all.

And, as the seasons turn, here’s the gnuz…

A frantic scramble before possible healthcare vote next week h/t The Hill
Yes, a frantic scramble to CYA before the feces hits the proverbial wall of shame.


Corker: ‘I Cannot Possibly Imagine’ Trump Would Fire Special Counsel (VIDEO) h/t TPM
That’s weird, because I can totally imagine it…. Hmmmm…

& Finality wise

Georgia special election: 7 things to watch h/t Politico
Could this be the beginning of the turn around? Or, will we see yet another close call that tries desperately to get spun as a moral victory?

Open Thread for today

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The Daily Gnuz

It’s Monday.

Yes, I know, that’s not gnuz, that’s just depressing.

However, here are a few tidbits to chew on…

NSA Chief Mike Rogers ‘May have his own bomb to drop’ Wednesday   –ht/ C&L

Which brings up the question, would the orange jumpsuit go better with gold or chrome bracelets?



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 After Calls To ‘Get Down’ To Business, Trump Goes On 23rd Trip To Golf Course –h/t TPM

23 Golf Excursions in 19 weeks of feebly Preziduncing. Some kind of record.



 Trump: I am calling it a ‘TRAVEL BAN!’ –h/t The Hill

Almost tragicomical that this Prezidunce doesn’t get it. Yes, Mr. Prezidunce, it is a travel ban…applied only to predominantly Muslim nations. Nations whose citizens have no record of committing terrorist acts here in the USA. Your intent is abundantly clear, dumbkoff.


Open Thread (300 count), Have At It.

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Daily Nuze

Good Morning Zoosterians.

This is my first attempt at a daily thread, hope it works.
Well, aside from the new editor page not working to show the anchors, I guess this is OK. I’ll try to get the HTML working for the next post. Let me know if the links don’t work…

I will have several posts a week if all works out, including topics such as Daily Nuze, The Jobs Aren’t Coming Back, and What the H*ll.

This morning’s top articles:

Who the hell would want to work for This Guy

Trump faces shrinking talent pool for new hires. No kidding. As the new press secretary, your prelim meeting goes something like:

Now remember, the truth is what is between the Prezidunce’s ears, nothing else should concern you, now get out there and defend his misquotes and fabrications, dammit!

ht/ The Hill


And, in the same vein:

‘Who wants to sign up for crazy?‘: Trump looks to GOP establishment — but they want no part of him

h/t Raw Story


And, one more story of interest this AM

 AP: Trump Has Been Giving World Leaders His Cellphone Number

That’s one way to try to be popular, albeit a somewhat risky one…

h/t TPM

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