Happy Easter!

Even though we’re all homebound for this holiday, I hope that a little ‘spirit of the season’ remains with everyone.

Little things like bunnies and chicks, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, can help to brighten things up –

bunny and chicks

easter flowers

Some members of our family celebrate with the “Easter Rat” – this year having special ‘pandemic’ themes –

This one’s from my brother Bobby and Wayne’s sister Judy:

easter rat 2

And this one is from our niece Emily and her husband Michael:

easter rat emily

Whatever way you celebrate, or if you celebrate at all, I hope that everyone has a special day!  And don’t forget how the tradition of the Easter Bunny started –

easter bunny


ICYMI: Yeah, We’re Fucked

First and foremost, I hope that none of our Critters and Zoosters, especially those of you in California and the Northwest, are in imminent danger of contracting the “novel coronavirus”, aka “COVID-19.”

New York state’s main COVID-19 epicenter of New Rochelle, previously only known for being the home of fictional Rob and Laura Petrie, is maybe 35-40 miles south of us.  The illness is cropping up in other NY counties besides Westchester and NYC’s 5 Boroughs, so I’m going to assume that its spread northward is inevitable.

I checked in on our pregnant(!!!) niece Emily and her husband Michael, who live near Boston, which is having its own outbreak subsequent to a recent Biogen conference.  One of the companies which had had a presence at the conference is Michael’s employer; and, even though no one from his particular office was an attendee, the company instructed all employees who could to work from home through May 31st.  Both of them are fine, which relieved me greatly.

I was going to compile some of the many lies that trump has told since COVID-19 arrived on our shores; however, since starting this post, the progression of both the disease and the lies have made that idea pretty much pointless.

So I’ll just include a couple of items along those lines.

First this, from March 7th at Salon, regarding trump’s awful presser at the CDC.   Here’s the video – sorry it’s posted twice, but it’s from the original on the twitter feed of @ddiamond:

And this: after trump finished his recent “presidential address” about the pandemic, apparently he got caught on C-SPAN showing just how seriously he takes this:

In case you no longer trust the info from the CDC, here’s a site that is keeping track worldwide.  You can refresh it throughout the day for updates.

I won’t inflict any more trumpness on you, so I’ll end on a high note.  Crank the music to 11  🙂

Feel better?


The Weekly Gnuz, Weakly

Another Grueling Week of Nutzo Scheiss, and here’s what’z Gnuz!

Inside the GOP’s rescue mission for Ted Cruz
H/T Politico
You know you’re in Deep Sheep Dip when you have to go to bat for a sitting Texas Senator.
Yes, he’s boring, and unlikeable, and a genuine schiess of a human being, but it is Texas.

His family helped cause the opioid crisis. Now he might profit from addiction treatment.
H/T Vox
More evidence that the health care industry is in a shambles.
Here, let me make billions off of paid medications that addict millions of people and kill tens of thousands.
Now, I can cure the addiction that my meds cause, pay me all the rest of your effing coin!

GOP operatives fear Trump is oblivious to how badly the Republicans will do in the midterms: ‘He’s totally delusional’
H/T Raw Story
Best quote of the article:
“President Trump has been putting out a lot of optimistic tweets about the midterm elections but there is a real concern among Republican operatives and donors he is totally delusional about the chances of taking back the House,” Reston explained.

“She went on to add that Trump may be in the dark because no one close to him is willing to tell him the truth.”

No shit sherlock, after you see umpteen messengers beheaded, you might want to keep your tongue in your mouth, literally.

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Daily-ish Gnuz

Seems more like a weakly at this point, but here’s the GNUZ

Trump Admin Deals New Blow To Obamacare
Just another hit to the health care consumer’s wallet. Insurers are going to raise rates as they watch the risk pool funding vanish.
And watch the Republicans try to put this on “ObamaCare”. No way. The midterms coming up, hoping voters know what their insurance premiums are going to be for 2019 by November….

MSNBC Panel Erupts in Laughter After ‘TV Lawyer’ Giuliani Claims He Was ‘Probably’ Present During June 2016 Trump Tower Meeting
H/T Alternet
Rudy is Ducking Felusional.

GOP senator warns Trump: Putin, Kim ‘very cold-blooded, calculating’
H/T The Hill
Naw, Putin says he didn’t interfere, so that’s that. And Kim is a jolly fat guy with a funny haircut, no problem.
Trump is over his head with both of these criminal mofos. But his ego won’t let him contemplate it, let alone admit it.

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Daily Gnuz

It’z Wednezday, and the Gnuz beith thus:

Cohen: FBI Was ‘Extremely Professional, Courteous And Respectful’ During Raids
White House: Trump ‘Certainly Believes He Has The Power’ To Fire Mueller
Which one displays a cool demeanor under fire?
Which one is freaking out, barely under control?
Which one is acting like a President, which one like a Prezidunce?

Trump wants to slash welfare with stricter work requirements
Trump calls on his Cabinet to propose stronger work requirements for welfare across the board.

H/T Vox
Reviving the ‘Welfare Queen’ myth, the racism of this Administration is boundless.

‘Two-part scam’: Robert Reich explains how Big Pharma ‘gouges the public’ as Trump’s GOP ‘line their pockets’
H/T Raw STory
Ripping you off 24X7X365, Insurers, Pharamcy Benefit Management Companies and the Drug Manufacturers, driving cost into the Health Care system cause there’s profit to be make off us suckers.

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Daily Gnuz

Wednezdaze, The Januarius Seventeeneth

Freedom Caucus chair: GOP leaders don’t have votes to avoid shutdown
H/T The Hill
And there’s a certain prezidunce who’s going to try to pin the shutdown on the Dems??? Right.

The Health-Care Industry Is Sick
My insurer denied me coverage for a breathing machine and revealed the flaws of the for-profit health-care system.

H/T The Nation
The R’s will take great pains to destroy the ‘ni**er care’ system. From its ashes we need to get Single Effing Payer…

Rising GOP star abruptly quits Republican party over Trump’s ‘appalling comments’ about immigrants
H/T Raw Story
Bad case of Trumpmoania

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Daily Gnuz

Tis Wednezday, and herein be the Gnuz(es)

Donald Trump is a dangerously weak president
The media is crediting him with a tax overhaul victory. But he still holds remarkably little clout in Washington.

H/T Vox
Neustadt’s book was one of my favorite reads as a poli sci major in college. I remember most clearly the paragraph where Ike was asked about the power of the presidency, and he replied (as I paraphrase from memory), I’m just a glorified clerk, but, the power of the presidency is the ability to use the bully pulpit to convince others that what you are asking them to do is in their own self interest. This article is a great read for those of you who are poli-sci enthusiasts…
Trump has no concept of this. Nil. Nada. Nuttin.


Report: Intel Panels Interviewed Figure Who Attended Key Trump Tower Meeting
Gotta wonder which Drumpf toady this witness’ testimony will show to be untruthy?


Trump: Dems, GOP will eventually develop ‘great new HealthCare plan’
H/T The Hill
A broken clock is right twice a day.
And the next ‘great new HealthCare plan will be called Single Payer. And the current prezidunce will have had nothing at all to do with it, except get people ready by screwing them over to the point where the entire Congress and Executive Branch are in the hands of the capable.

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