Recent ‘Toon Gnuz from Paul Jamiol

Our good friend and honorary Critter Paul Jamiol has been busy lately: illustrating a children’s book; working on a new collection of his excellent editorial cartoons to come out in early 2020; plus, most days, putting out new, grimly accurate observations on these terrible times.  (All images are copyrighted by Paul Jamiol.)

jamiol banger the sausage dog book cover

pauls new book

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jamiol 061919

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jamiol 07042019

jamiol vileness

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jamoil detention

jamiol racist rant

That’s just a sampling.  For more, and to see how talented Paul’s wife, Lin, is with her green thumb [and who knew that Paul is an amazing photographer!], visit Jamiol’s World.

Paul has been chronicling political/current events since September 2000.  His encouragement and kindness to us Critters when we left ThinkProgress to start TheZoo, as well as our longstanding friendship, will always be appreciated – hell, I still LOVE our personalized header ‘toon.  I know that we here at TheZoo became pretty burnt out trying to do our part – it’s so damned hard to keep covering this shitshow, when day after day, even hour after hour, horrors upon horrors unfold.  Thank you, Paul, for your dedication to illustrating  what could well become America’s downfall.  It’s a grim task, and I don’t envy you.  Please carry on for as long as you can stand it, and we’ll try to keep up.


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Daily-ish Gnuz

Back to Work Monday, and here’s the Gnuz…

Capital Gazette: ‘We Won’t Forget Being Called An Enemy Of The People’
Trump and his minions own this, lock stock and smoking gun.
It’s just like 1932 Germany, instead of Jews, it’s Journalists.
Donald Trump just issued a direct threat to the free and independent media

Trump’s War on Journalism

And on, and on…

Trump stands firm on trade, even as foreign tariffs begin kicking in
H/T WaPo
Here’s where Trump’s ego gets him in deep horsepuckey. Can’t admit he made a mistake

Mexican populist López Obrador triumphs in presidential race
H/T Politico
This isn’t just Trump Backlash, this is a clear statement by the people of Mexico that they aren’t thugs and rapists. FU Trump, in a nutshell.

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Daily Gnuz

For Thurzdaze, Junish the twenty furzt

And Here’z the Gnudez

Tensions Run High For Republicans As House Heads To Doomed Immigration Votes
A do-nothing Congress is about to do what it does best: nothing.

H/T Huff Po
Complete kabuki theater. Foregone conclusion that none of the idiot Republican plans will pass. They might has well arm themselves heavily with squirt guns, do a right face and fire away at the idiot in front of them.

Trump falsely claimed for days that he couldn’t end family separations
The president is now reversing himself after facing fierce backlash for forcibly removing thousands of children from their parents.

H/T Politico
But, But, Butt, “Only I can Fix IT”, er, “Only Congress can fix it.” OK, I can sign something or other, but probably can’t spell seppereettllly write.

‘He has a gold toilet’: Ex-Obama advisor nails Donald Trump as a member of ‘the elites he decries’
H/T Raw Story
His dumas supporters don’t care that he’s the biggest hypocrite in the arena, they want to be just like Him!

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Daily Gnuz

For Tuezday, June 19ther

Here with is the Gnuz!

Judge Strikes Down Kobach’s Voter Law— And Orders He Take Legal Ed Classes
Classic slap down of the fascist SecState of Kansas. Learn the law goober. Yes, you have to be schooled.

Now It’s Up to Voters to Stop Gerrymandering
The Supreme Court declined to act to stop partisan gerrymandering, so we must act instead.

H/T The Nation
Absolutely correct. The Blue Tsunami needs to clean the Republican clocks in November, take back the House at a minimum, as well as state houses across the country.
The SCROTUS failed to draw the line defining what is the test for gerrymandering, Clarence declaring that none of the plaintiffs had been harmed. Lemmee see. I live in an area where my vote is meaningless because the district lines are designed to screw me over. No harm? You’ve gone senile Clarence, go away.

Senate candidate Richard Painter pledges to put out Trump’s ‘dumpster fire’ in eye-popping campaign ad
H/T Raw Story
Now HERE’S a guy I could vote for.
If I lived in the land of 10 zillion lakes…

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Daily Gnuz

Monday edition May 14th 2018-ish

Pompeo: US and North Korea “in complete agreement” on goals of Trump-Kim summit
A US-North Korea nuclear deal might be coming together.
H/T Vox
Or, now that the NK nuclear testing mountain collapsed, and Kim no longer has the capability to test, he can keep his stash of nukes squirreled away and dupe Trump into a deal to lift sanctions and sing Kumbayah.

‘This is going to come out’: Malcolm Nance says dossier was right about Trump committing ‘high crime’ of bribery
H/T Raw Story
Hmm. Ties to China’s tech company may be a conflict of interest?? Film at 11:00, 11:30, 11:45 and pretty much all freaking day and night long.

Trump Supporters ‘Tricked by the Devil’ are Now Facing Financial Ruin: ‘I Feel So Stupid’
Eddie Devine voted for Trump, but worries he may go out of business. Here’s why.
H/T Alternet
Buyer’s remorse. The war on brown people leaves many small businesses with no seasonal labor force. Whod’a thunk it?

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Daily Gnuz

Ground Fresh on Wednesaze!

And heeeeeeeeeeerres the Gnuz!

Liberals just won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by a huge margin
H/T Vox
Winning! R’s – not so much…

Mueller told Trump’s attorneys the president remains under investigation but is not currently a criminal target
H/T Wa Po
Read the fine print. Especially the words ‘At this time’. Tax Returns, Russian Mobster ‘investments’ in the Panama Hotel, lots more questions. Perhaps the Interview would be just GRAND if a JURY were sitting in on it?

Trump Says U.S. Will Use Military To Protect Border With Mexico
H/T HuffPo
Just a few details…Governors have to request the National Guard be called out. For a reason. Posse Comitatus prohibits US Soldiers from doing police work in the US.
Good luck with that. However, we could arrange to have all the ‘well regulated militias’ come on down to the border with their arms and stand shoulder to shoulder at attention for the entire summer.

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Daily Gnuz

The Daily Gnuz for Wednezday is upon us!

GOP escalates law enforcement probes as Russia inquiry heats up
H/T Politico
Desperately attempting to disparage and cast aspersions on the credibility of the DOJ and FBI before Trump gets pilloried by Mueller and all his lying bullshit buries him.

No, Mexico Is Not Paying For Trump’s Wall — You Are
H/T Huffpo
But, But, Rapists, boogeymen of every brown sort! They’re coming to have their way with your women! White Men of Amerikkka, freak out!

Award-winning science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin dead at 88
H/T Raw Story
One of my mostest favorite SciFi writers, RIP Ursula, in a galaxy far, far away…

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