The Watering Hole, 1/18/2017

As soon as Hillary Clinton cinched the Democratic Party’s nomination her supporters began deriding Sander’s supporters in earnest, in an effort to shame or fear-monger them into voting for The Chosen One. As a Sanders supporter, their efforts further turned this author off from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

In two days, Donald Trump will become the President of the United States. Ever since the election, those on the left have called Trump voters all kinds of names, all of which were anything but kind. This divisive name-calling is counterproductive. It only serves to drive Trump supporters further away, as the natural tendency when one is attacked is to become defensive.

To change the course of this Nation, it will be necessary for the common man on the left and on the right to work together, to join forces against the ruling oligarchy. Up until now, the oligarchy has been content to control our government from behind the scenes. But with Trump, and his likely choices to fill his Cabinet, they are up front, running the show from the highest seat of power.

So, how do we, the people, bridge the divisive gap between the left and the right? It must start with overtures from the left. It must start with recognizing that not everyone who voted for Trump is racist. Not everyone who voted for Trump hates women. Like Sanders supporters, many, many Trump supporters voted for change. Trump was going to drain the swamp, and drain the swamp he will. He’s going to Make America Great Again by putting the interests of the 1% above all else. The common man and woman who voted for Trump will soon be left out in the cold.

As they see their health insurance disappear, or skyrocket out of reach, as States budgets buckle under the crushing weight of an unfunded mandate to provide health care for those who no longer have coverage while the taxes on the 1% are cut and cut again; as they realize that Right to Work laws mean the end of unions, union wages and benefits; and when it dawns on them that Trump is not bringing their factory jobs back, many, many Trump supporters will feel they’ve been conned. The last thing they’ll want to hear is an “I told you so” from the left.

Trump supporters will need to hear facts, objectively stated. They’ll need to hear solutions, short of taking up arms. They’ll need to know that those on the left will have their back and will stand with them, side by side, through the long, arduous task of wresting control of our government from the moneyed elite sitting on both sides of the aisle.

Trump supporters have been conditioned to see liberals as the enemy. Liberals have been trained to see conservatives as the enemy. Both views have been fostered by the ruling class so that liberals and conservatives alike do not see them as the enemy.

We need to mend fences where we can. The first side to stop using hate speech will ultimately control the dialogue.


Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people: We cannot regulate gun ownership

Hate speech doesn’t kill people. people kill people. We cannot regulate hate speech.

Racism doesn’t kill people, people kill people. We cannot regulate racism.

Intolerance towards gays doesn’t kill people, people kill people. We cannot regulate tolerance.

Prejudice doesn’t kill people, people kill people. We cannot regulate prejudice.

Hate, racism, intolerance, prejudice – – these are not traits we are born with. Babies don’t hate; they don’t discriminate based on color or gender. They love equally regardless of color or gender. They are taught to hate, taught to be racists, taught intolerace, taught prejudice. And some eventually are taught to use guns.

They are taught that its ok to kill those who offend them, those they have been taught to hate. And we make available tools that are designed to kill scores of people in seconds, before anyone has any time to react, to flee, to fight back.

Why? Why do we make assault rifles available to virtually anyone who wants one?

Because babies are also taught to fear.

The Watering Hole, Thursday, September 25, 2014: 47% and Growing

The 47% comment made by Romney is true and it’s bigger now, according to Republican Cresent Hardy, a candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

The 47% comment, if you recall, alleged that 47% paid no federal income taxes. In other words 47% made so little money their income wasn’t taxed. They are the working poor, the senior citizens. And, according to Hardy, their numbers are growing.

If true, it is not surprising. The benefits of the Obama Recovery have gone disproportionatly to the wealthy class. We can blame Obama, but he has been restricted by an obstructionist Republican minority in the Senate that has prevented measures from being passed that would benefit the working poor. Bankers got bonuses even while families faced foreclosure.

In this author’s opinion, the plight of the working poor will get worse, as more and more wealth is concentrated into the hands of the idle rich and deposited in overseas accounts. More and more of the middle class will slowly slide into the ranks of the working poor, and the 47% will continue to grow, not through any fault of their own, not through any desire to freeload on the system, but from the continued economic policies of the oligarchy that runs this country from behind the scenes.


The Watering Hole, Hump Day, January 8, 2014: The Continuing Relevancy of the Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Nine One One changed everything, so we’re told. Even noted liberal Bill Maher supports the surveillance state, because of suitcase nukes. Ever hear of a terrorist detonating a suitcase nuke – outside of the movies? Me neither. But they could, so we must give up certain safeguards instituted to limit the powers of government.

What follows are some of the changes we have implemented over the past dozen years – plus those changes a sizable portion of the populace would like to change.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We are a Christian Nation. Sharia Law is not allowed. Mosques are banned. The laws of Leviticus applies, but only as to homosexuality, we’re ok with men shaving their beards and 7-11s being open on Sunday.

Freedom of the press? Ok, so long as you’re not someone who blows the whistle on the evils our government is doing at home and abroad.

Peaceful assembly? yes, for armed Tea Party members. No to unarmed Occupy sit-ins.

Petition the government for redress of grievances? The White House set up a petition website. How many of those petitions actually resulted in the government doing something different?


Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Guns don’t kill people, but people should be allowed to own military-grade weapons – just in case we need to revolt against our democratically elected government.


Amendment III

No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

This one’s like the human appendix. Sure, it’s there, but it’s useless unless it gets inflamed.


Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

This one’s in its death throes. I say that only because a judge tossed out New York’s ‘stop and frisk’ policy – but only because it disproportionately targets minoritys. Already we’re being told that without stop and frisk, people will die. The solution is obvious – stop and frisk whites more.

But if you’re plugged into the internet, Big Brother is watching your every keystroke.


A Rose by Any Other Name

would still smell…
Guest Post by SpiritKat
I was driving to church this past Sunday morning, and as I often do, turned on the radio to a talk show. It was in the middle of a program, and, unfortunately, I reached my destination before the program’s close, so I didn’t catch what program it was or who the speaker was. I didn’t recognize the speaker’s voice, but his message centered around the recent school shootings. It became very clear to me when this speaker began telling how all of the shooters in these recent incidents were either Democrats, or children of Democrats and “Liberals”, that he was indulging in the worst kind of hate speech. But does this person realize he has just put a target on the back of the people he is maligning? In his rant, he asked where the Republicans and Tea party activists were in this, and I couldn’t help but shout at the radio, “They’re right there coming out of your mouth you idiot!”
I find it very disturbing when people in such public forums use it for hate speeches. Yes, I certainly understand that they have the right to free speech, and I respect that right, but there is a particularly sinister insidiousness to it when a speaker does so in way that incites others into hatefulness. In my opinion, it is this inciting of hatred that is at the root of a great deal of the violence we’re seeing, including the recent school shootings. This broadcast was solely a pathetic effort to place blame on a particular group of people, and incite people to hate them–and that is just plain wrong. It actually says far more about what kind of person the hate speech broadcaster is than it does anyone else.
During the time I was listening, this radio speaker did not give any facts to support his contention that all these shooters were connected to Democrats, but it matters little, for the fact is, no matter what party, all party members are NOT alike. Granted, Republicans appear to have done their best to “purify” party leadership (kind of reminds one of Hitler’s purification efforts doesn’t it?), but while they’ve done a fair job duping the masses, they haven’t gotten to everyone.
Not all Republicans are conservatives, for example. I happen to have a Republican friend who is an intelligent, reasonable person; what some might call “old school Republican (those folks back before the party became corrupted by the pseudo religious right), or what might today be called moderates.
So, too, all Democrats are not liberals, or even progressives. In fact, not all who are registered as Democrats are even Democrats. Joe Lieberman is a good example of that kind pseudo Democrat. I, myself, am registered as a Democrat, but I absolutely am NOT a Democrat. I am very liberal when it comes to women’s rights, but on many other issues I am very much a moderate, and on a few, even somewhat conservative. But with all the attempts by the ultra conservatives to disenfranchise voters, I simply decided not to bother with changing it.
It takes all kinds to make a society, and it is from that societal “melting pot” that political parties are formed. Every party contains extremes on both ends of the spectrum, along with a wide range of diversity in between. So, even if this radio speaker were correct about the shooters’ political connections, it doesn’t mean a hill of beans, as my mama used to say, because those who in some way carry the label of Democrat are as diverse as the population stuck on this wobbling globe.
I leave you with this thought: perhaps the hate mongers would be wise to reconsider their hate messages. After all, you know what they say about shooting the messenger…

Hurricane Sandy: A few glimpses of the human toll

Estimates of the death toll from Hurricane Sandy along the Eastern U.S. Coast are hard to pin down right now, but CNN has the number at 110. While The Huffington Post movingly describes the tragic affect Sandy had on many of the elderly nearer to the NYC shore, my own focus is a little closer to home.

As Wayne said in a comment on today’s Sunday Roast, “our area…lost a handful of people” – yes, only four people died in or around Putnam County (we’re in Dutchess Cty, but only 4 miles north of the Putnam county line.) But two of the four were children, killed when a tree fell on the house they were in. The house had power despite the hurricane, and two children from a neighbor’s house were visiting with their two friends, watching TV, when the tree came down. Now two more families are beginning their struggle to cope with every parent’s nightmare.

Here’s what our hometown’s community turnout looked like at Beecher’s Funeral Home for one of the youths. Beecher’s is a sort of local landmark: it seems to have been there forever (certainly for our entire lifetimes), standing atop a large wedge of hillside that slopes down toward the Village proper. It’s where the vast majority of Brewster and nearby area residents are waked. Wayne and I have said goodbye there to so, so many family members, friends, loved ones, neighbors; we both grew up in Brewster Heights, a development on the next hill behind Beecher’s; Bobby and Judy (my brother/Wayne’s sister) raised Emily and Adam in a house right behind Beecher’s. So yes, this is kinda personal.

Our area is coping with the loss of electricity, the downed trees, the blocked roads. As of this past Thursday, Putnam County had cancelled their “State of Emergency.” NYSEG crews have been out in force for several days, reconnecting power; grocery stores are gradually refilling their shelves; lines for gas stations that have been hindering traffic are beginning to slowly disappear as more deliveries are getting to the gas stations; residents are clearing trees and debris, and are starting to repair damage.

But for two local families, there is no ‘fixing’ or ‘repairing’ their losses; hopefully, there may someday be ‘coping.’ My heart aches for them.

The Death of a Nation (a retrospective on the W. Bush era, Intro)

Twelve years ago right about this time of the year I was looking forward to the 2000 election, hoping to do, by voting, my tiny part to keep George W. Bush in Texas and OUT of Washington DC. Then I had a (sudden and unexpected) grand mal seizure, ended up in the hospital, and two months later had brain surgery to correct the causative congenital circulatory disorder. In between, I voted for Gore, had another seizure, watched as the SCOTUS bungled the election and appointed Bush to the presidency, and slept through Bush’s inaugural address whilst recovering in the ICU.

It was a total bummer of an experience, i.o.w., that so-called “election” of 2000, made evermore worse by that which went down in the next eight years of the Bush “presidency.”  By late 2004 I was hopeful — not optimistic, just hopeful — that common sense would prevail and the electorate would toss the monkey in the White House out on his ear. We all know how THAT turned out. Anyway, beginning late in 04 and continuing through April of 05, I wrote a series of essays which I collectively titled “The Death of a Nation: An Examination of America’s Descent Into the Maelstrom.” And today, here we are some eight years down the road and approaching election 2012 even as, once again, my optimism wanes and I’m left only with a dash of hope.

I recently resurrected the essay collection, read it for the first time in years, and found it interesting from both the historical and (current) political points of view. It is, indeed, a blessing that George W. Bush is no longer on the Amurkan throne BUT, unfortunately for all of us, the damage he did persists to this day, and should the political right happen to regain full power in the government either this year OR (for that matter) ever again . . . well, the obvious question becomes ‘how much worse can things get before national collapse becomes the defining reality?’ Continue reading

The Watering Whole, Woden’s Day, 6-6-12

Is it 5 o’clock? Is this Margaritaville?

What’s that smell? Somebody cut the cheeze in Whizconsin?

In an overwhelming display of money over common sense, Wisconsinonians voted to keep Governer Walker around long enough for the feds to finish their investigation. At this writing, all races have either been called for the Republican candidate, or the Republican candidate is holding a commanding lead.

To be fair, although Republican Scott Walker outspent Democratic Challenger Tom Barrett about an 8 to 1 margin, he only won by about a 9 to 8 margin.

So, What do Wisconsinonians have to look forward to, now that Walker & Co. soundly thumped the Democrats?

Well, and I’m just guessing here, they can look forward to keeping more of their pay, as they won’t be bothered with having to shell out for those pesky Union Dues any more.

And their taxes will go down, too. When the Union jobs are gone, they’ll be paid less, and people that are paid less pay less taxes. So, that’s a win-win for the CheeseHeads.

And they won’t have to wait in line for goverment services anymore. There won’t be a line, or services.

The Whizconsin vote yesterday breathes new life into the Party of Reagan. It also proves the Supreme Court was right. Money does equal speech. It also equals votes.

Now, if only I could convince poor people, the disadvantaged, people of “color”, the downtrodden masses, the progressive liberal-socialist-marxist-communist-feminist tree-huggers to go out and Register Republican en masse. It would mess that party’s demographics up so much they wouldn’t know what hit them.




Person Personhood

When the debate began to focus on calling impregnated eggs a “person” with all the rights of a live-born individual, this author predicted such a move would result in prosecuting and incarcerating women who suffered miscarriages.

Unfortunately, that is already happening, and has been going on for years. Laws written to charge an attacker with homicide for killing a fetus are being used, not to incarcerate attackers, but women who miscarry.

According to the article, in South Carolina, for example, one man has been charged for assaulting a pregnant woman, while 300 women have been arrested. A law designed to protect pregnant women has been used to attack women who get pregnant, then miscarry.

As this author stated earlier, prosecutors are going after women who use drugs. Even if there’s no connection to their drug use and their miscarriage, they face incarceration. It’s not too much of a leap to go after women who drink, or smoke, or, at some point, to charge an ob-gyn for negligent homicide should the doctor’s patient miscarry.

This nonsense has got to stop. It’s not about protecting life. If it were, these same people would be avidly against the death penalty and war. It’s about controlling others, women especially.

The United States of America is a democracy, not a theocracy. Women, if you like the notion of using the government to control what goes in and out of your vagina, continue to vote Republican. Men, if you like the notion that your wife or your daughters could be jailed for a decade just for having a miscarriage, continue vote Republican.

Or, don’t vote at all. Your silence is also acquiescense.

The Chess table has been set. Which role will you play? Pawn, Bishop, Knight, or Castle? Remember this, though, a Pawn that reaches its goal is transformed.

Sunday Roast, February 19th, 2012: I Couldn’t Have Ranted Better Myself

Our old friend Jurassic Pork posted a fantastic rant at his blog, as a response to the following GOProud tweet:

JP’s post, if it were a TV show, would be rated “TV-M: L/S” – “contains adult language and sexual situations” – but here’s a bit of his lead-in to probably the single most comprehensive commentary EVER concerning gay Republicans:

“GOProud, the conservative gay rights organization…decided at their soiree today in between privately making fun of the busboy uniforms and hotel decor, that we and not the right they try to represent are the enemy, the “we” being “teh Left.”

Read the rest here – this one is a keeper.

GOProud's Headquarters ("Not meant to be a factual Statement")

This is our Open Thread: feel free to discuss this issue, or whatever else is on your mind.


2010 – It’s all about JOBS!

2011 – no JOBS bill out of Congress yet.

2011 – President to give major speech about JOBS.

Republican reaction?

How dare you give a major speech when we’re debating for our Party’s nomination to be the guy to replace you…

Hey, now you’re giving a major speech on opening night of Football!

I’m not gonna show up for your major JOBS speech – I’m gonna stay home and have a football party.

I’m not gonna show up for your major JOBS speech – I’m gonna sit in my office and tweet about it instead.

Republicans have been playing high-stakes political chicken – and Obama has blinked every time. By the time they’re through with a JOBS bill, we’ll have more tax breaks for the rich and corporations, more free trade agreements, all offset by a reduction in unemployment benefits to balance the budget and force people to go to work – all they have to do is be willing to relocate to a third-world country…that’s where all the hiring will be.

The Law of Unintended Consequences, or How Defining Full Personhood at Conception can Lead to Incarcerating Parents

Ok, bear with me here.

Let’s say, for sake of argument, that an impregnated egg is a person, thoughout the pregnancy. We do know that at some point the fetus is capable of hearing and reacting to sounds and motions originating outside the womb.

Well, and this is a bit perverse, that child, while stll in the womb, is exposed to “adult” sounds every time its parents engage in sexual intercourse during its stay. Sounds, motions, orgasms mere millimeters away.

Could having sex while pregnant lead to charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

Upon reflection, how do you feel, knowing you shared the same bed while your parents were “doing the nasty”?

Air Force Academy, Prayer Breakfasts and The Family

Air Force Academy Taps Member of “Lord’s Army” to Speak at National Prayer Luncheon

During the first two weeks of February, military bases and schools across the country will join dozens of other organizations in holding annual “prayer breakfasts” and luncheons in coordination with the controversial National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC

This has long been part of The Family’s agenda. These self-proclaimed “christians” have infiltrated the halls of power around the globe, using “prayer breakfasts.” Not satisfied with wooing politicians, they have encroached into various militaries.

The great question is, will there come a point when those “christians” in our military feel duty-bound to follow “christ” instead of the Commander in Chief? I believe the answer is “Yes.” There will be a mutiny in our military. The severity and extent is unknowable. Hopefully, it won’t be a Dr. Strangelove scenario.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin: This week’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!

Phil Griffin suspended Keith Olbermann indefinitely, without pay, for …. gasp … making private contributions to Democratic candidates!!!

Reports are emerging that others employed by Griffin who gave campaign contributions to… Republicans, were not similarly treated.

This brings to mind an even more onerous implication: Your Boss may be monitoring candidate’s campaign disclosure statements. Give to someone your Boss doesn’t support, and you could get fired! We may well be entering an era where, if your name doesn’t show up on certain campaign donation lists, you could find yourself unexplicably passed over for promotions… or downsized out of a job.

Welcome to new Corporate America, where making a campaign donation can get you canned. And Phil Griffin, for starting us down this path, you are this week’s


Special Comment: If The Tea Party Wins, America Loses

Here’s last night’s “Special Comment” by Keith Olbermann on Countdown (MSNBC) where he addresses the coming election, drawing a picture of what our country could very well look like if the Tea Party extremist candidates win their races and take power.

He uses their own words.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Seriously.. “Good night, and good luck.”

The High Price of Low Taxes

By now, most of us are aware of the story out of Obion, Tennessee where the firefighters watched as the family home, 3 dogs and a cat burned.

The family had a choice, pay a “subscription fee” of $75.00 per year or do without fire protection. In this sense, taxes for firefighting were made voluntary. Their taxes were lowered. And they, and their pets, paid a dear price for their choice to forego fire protection. One can only imagine the horror had people been in the house while the firefighters stood by, ready to protect…the neighbor’s property should the fire spread to the lands of someone who paid the $75.00!

But let’s take a closer look at that $75.00 voluntary fee for firefighting services. Apparently, the entire county could be covered for a 0.13% increase in their property taxes. That means, for houses valued less than about $57,000, they would be paying less than $75.00 per year, while those whose houses were valued at more than $57,000, would pay more.

So, what’s the median house prices in Obion, Tennessee, you ask?

I’m glad you asked:

As the chart shows, the current median price of homes in Obion is about $10,000 more than the $57,000 break-even point on the “subscription fee.” But this shows that roughly half the homeowners in the county pay too much for fire protection, while those with pricier homes get a break.

The High Price of Low Taxes.

This worked so well, the powers that be want to expand the program. It’s a good deal for the folks with the more expensive homes. For the poor, not so good a deal. Left out of MainStreamMedia stories is how this “subscription service” is made available to renters, if at all. For all we know, they’re at the mercy of their landlords.

But there is one other thing we know: this time, the price was furnishings and pets. This time. Next time, it could well be someone’s children, wife, husband, father or mother.
Perhaps the firefighters could be equiped with violins, so they could at least fiddle while they watch houses burn.

The Pledge to America: Part Five: Forward!

By now, “The Pledge” has been somewhat reviewed by mainstream media and dismissed, even by some prominent Republicans Yet, to understand “The Pledge” is to begin to understand how millions of people can accept it as gospel. These people are attunded to certain catch words and nuances that most of us don’t recognize as a calling to The Chosen.

This analysis continues with a look at the Foreward/

Continue reading

“Pledge to America”

The GOP will release its new “Pledge to America” today in a bid to capture the votes of a majority of Americans this November. CBS news managed to receive a final draft of the “Pledge” before its release.

This 48-page document purports to put forth “a new governing agenda built on: The Priorities of Our Nation, the Principles we Stand For; and America’s Founding Values.”

But does it?
Continue reading

Last U.S. Combat Brigade Leaves Iraq

Not much hoopala, no fanfares, probably not even a parade, but our Combat troops have left Iraq. Granted, we will still have about 50,000 troops still in Iraq for an unknown period of time. But heck, we still have about 70,000 troops stationed in Gemany, and it’s only been some 65 years since we won WWII. So give it some time, folks.

But my main point is this: We owe our soldiers a big thank you for what they had to go through.

And, we owe them a big apology for putting them through it in the first place.

Prop 8 Hate

Well, the decision is out on Proposition 8: it’s unconstitutional.  No real surprise to any Constitutional Law scholar.

And just as unsurprising is the immediate hate-filled reaction from its supporters. They decry the judge for overturning “the will of the people” while ignoring the fact that the judge upheld the Constitution. But, in their convoluted logic, the judge usurped the Constitution as well. Somehow, equal protection under the law does not mean equal protection for everybody, just equal protection for whichever faction can garner the most votes at any given time.

The Constitution was designed to be very difficult to change, and to protect everyone from the tyranny of the majority. Judges were intended to be the people’s last bastion of hope, of refuge, against such tyranny. What we see now is the anger of the “majority” when they don’t get their way, even if getting their way means taking away Constitutional Rights from others.

We are witnessing the fruits of the politics of division, the politics of fear, the politics of hate. Over two hundred years ago, wiser heads than this writer observed, “united we stand, divided we fall.” The Bible, the sacred book revered by those preaching the most hate now, noted that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

The United States is such a house now. “Terrorists” don’t have to attack us to destroy us; the likes of Rove and Rush, of Bachmann and Beck, of Palin and O’Reilly have done their job for them.

So, how do we save America? Essentially by ignoring the hate. Let them have their demonstrations and blow off their steam. Then vote Progressive.

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A Disturbing Trend

First, it was Acorn, with a selectively edited video used to shut down an effective organization for helping the poor and disadvantaged.

Now, it’s Department of Agriculture ex-employee Shirley Sherrod, forced to resign following the release of a highly edited video which made her appear to be racist against white people.

These events remind me of the 2nd grade student who paid her classmates $1.00 each to say a substitute teacher touched them inappropriately. Children as young as 6 or 7 years old know they can get someone fired on the mere allegation.

Now, that appears to be a primary weapon of the reich-wing.

It’s a disturbing trend. 

One which must be stopped.


Stupid in Short Supply

Wholesalers across the nation are reporting shortages in Stupid. With the demand for Stupid running at an all-time high, retailers can’t keep enough Stupid on hand.

“It’s flying off the shelves” said a spokesperson for retailing giant WalMart. “Especially in rural areas. People  just can’t seem to get enough Stupid.”

Rumor has it that media mogul Rupert Murdoch invested heavily in Stupid through the entire Bush Administration, severely draining the nation’s stockpiles. Then, just as supplies of Stupid were nearing historic lows McCain nominated Sarah Palin.

“That nearly did us in.” commented the spokesperson. “Our suppliers couldn’t keep up with demand. We were shipping in Stupid from Alaska faster than it could be produced.”

Fortunately, Arizona has come to the plate and increased its manufacuring of Stupid. But the price of Stupid remains high.

“So high” said the WalMart press contact, “that we’re seeing an increasing demand for Ignorance. It used to be Ignorance was priced out of the market for most families on a budget, but with the price of Stupid going through the roof, stocking up on Ignorance is a no-brainer.”

Market analysts are pinning the cause on Fox News, which goes through an incredible amount of Stupid each 24-hour news cycle. But other mainstream media outlets are reportedly using more than their share of Stupid as well.

With the Gulf Oil Crisis beginning its third month, retailers in the deep south are reporting they have totally run out of Stupid.

“We’re down to just plain Dumb, now.” said one unnamed merchant who’s store overlooks a tar-stained beach on the Gulf Coast.

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Suer Friendly

From the Arizona Anti Illegal Immigrant Law:




What could this lead to? Well, Steven Croley over at the Huffington Post points out

A county hospital or health clinic with a policy of treating emergency room patients without verifying their immigration status could be targeted. Local law enforcement agencies that encourage crime victims and witnesses to make reports without having to show their legal status presumably could be sued. School districts that provide educational programs for children of undocumented parents might fall within the act’s scope.

Hence every political subdivision and entity in Arizona must adopt the most draconion of policies NOW or risk having to pay $1,000 to $5,000 PER DAY for each day after a lawsuit is filed until it is settled. Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to serve a lawsuit immediately upon filing. Someone could file a lawsuit and wait, say, a month or two, before even letting the public entity know about it, racking up $30,000 + in penalties before the entity even gets a chance to respond.

Then, on top of the penalites, add attorneys fees, and you now have a state that is Suer Friendly.

School District Teaches Teenager a Lesson for Life

The  Itawamba County School District in Mississippi taught a teenage girl a lesson for life recently: intolerance rules.

She wanted to go to her prom with another girl.  Since the District couldn’t prevent that, as a governmental entity, without running afoul of the 14th Amendment, it chose to ban the prom alltogether, and hand it over to a private group of parents who could legally discriminate.

And discriminate they did.  Constance McMillion received her prom invitation, all right. So did six other students.  And it was a special invitation, to a special prom, just for them. The rest of the school attended their prom in a different, undisclosed location.

As if that wasn’t enough to humiliate her, a facebook page has sprung up where annonymous posters can spout their venom against the girl who dared to be herself.

Her reaction? “I just want the negativity to stop because I try to be respectful and positive.”

Too bad the grown-ups didn’t feel the same way.