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Thor’s day, Last Day of the Mayish month.
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The shocking truth about the Hurricane Maria death toll is our Trump nightmare made real
An unfit president contributes to an unprecedented catastrophe.

H/T Vox
Negligence in the first degree. Grounds for impeachment. A complete and utter DISGRACE!


Trump Denies Firing Comey Over Russia Despite Having Admitted It Before
Who you gonna believe, the old, lying me, or the new, still lying me? C’mon, make up your mind!


The Memo: Trump’s feud with Sessions grows toxic
H/T The HIll
Since the AG sits at the pleasure of the President, why doesn’t Trump just fire him?

A: He has a secret crush on Jeffie Beauregard
B: Jeffie Beauregard has a dossier on Trump
C: Jeffie loves his job, and is a masochist at heart
D: All of the above

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