Zoo Gnus and ‘Toons

First, again, our Zookeeper needs our help. She’s staying temporarily, during the current heat wave, at an inexpensive hotel (near the shelter that she’s in.) It’s the Regency Inn in Springfield Oregon, phone # is 541-746-5621, she’s in Room 18. As far as I know, Zooey’s there (and is paid up) until Friday, but if anyone can help out with an extra day there, or with any other help, it would be wonderful.

Please text Zooey first: 541-731-2398 – she has limited minutes on her phone.

Just let me know if anyone can help – thanks, Zoosters!


Next: Our good friend Paul Jamiol will soon be hanging up his political cartoonist hat, at least for the 2020 election season. Here’s a couple of his recent works:

A few older ‘toons that are still quite relevant:

These last three are the most recent, and go straight for the heart:

I will continue to post Paul’s excellent ‘toons as he winds down towards the end of this month.


Daily Gnuz

It be Tuesday, and herein be the gnuzes

A conservative group tried to plant a fake Roy Moore allegation in the Washington Post. It failed.
A woman said Moore got her pregnant at 15. Her story unraveled under scrutiny.

H/T Vox
James O’Keefe faceplants with another malicious attempt to undermine the free press


We Are Living in Perilous Times—And Yet There Is a Promising Movement Afoot
Citizens are not sitting idly watching our democracy go under.

H/T Alternet
A glimmer of hope yet shines…Resist!


The Memo: GOP Fears Trump Turmoil During Tax Push
H/T The Hill
And well they should fear Turmoil. Isn’t that Donald’s middle name? All the insults, slanders, slights and arrogance come home to roost, as McCain, Flake, and others sink this effort.

Open Thread, if you must kick ass, please be nice to the donkeys.
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