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Stakes high for GOP in special House election in Trump slice of Pennsylvania
H/T WaPo
This is absolutely a referendum on the Drumpf. If Lamb wins, Saccione isn’t the only LOSER in the room

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap
H/T Here in our state of Washington, women make on average 77% of what males make for the same work. Not counting racial disparities

‘We’ve lost all credibility’: GOP House intel member contradicts his own party’s Russia probe conclusion
H/T So even a member of the R’s own committee has no faith in the process or outcome of the ‘investigation’…

Open Thread, Check out PA election results tonight!

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Daily Gnuz

Saturnzday, and the gnuz be herewith:

Draining the swamp? D.C. lobbying during Trump administration surges to highest level in 7 years
H/T USA Today
‘Drain the Swamp’ has become. ‘feed the alligators and snakes’

Why Trump’s desire to fire Mueller may invite obstruction case and why it’s such a big deal
H/T USA Today, on a roll
The noose tightens, Mueller frightens. Trump can’t keep it straigt

Scott Walker Is Literally Preventing Wisconsinites From Voting
H/T The Nation
If you can’t beat em, cancel the game. Nice work, you wanker.

Open Thread, walk, don’t run with it!

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Daily Gnuz

Good Solstice Day Morn to you all.

And, as the seasons turn, here’s the gnuz…

A frantic scramble before possible healthcare vote next week h/t The Hill
Yes, a frantic scramble to CYA before the feces hits the proverbial wall of shame.


Corker: ‘I Cannot Possibly Imagine’ Trump Would Fire Special Counsel (VIDEO) h/t TPM
That’s weird, because I can totally imagine it…. Hmmmm…

& Finality wise

Georgia special election: 7 things to watch h/t Politico
Could this be the beginning of the turn around? Or, will we see yet another close call that tries desperately to get spun as a moral victory?

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Ian Murphy strikes again!!

Cold Call/The Beast

Ian Murphy…Ian Murphy…you might say.  Where have I heard that name before?  Remember the phone call between Gov Scott Walk of Wisconsin and ‘David Koch?”  That’s the awesome Ian Murphy of the Giant Brass Balls ™.

Well, Ian has done it again.  Using the name Steve Smith, and disguising himself with thick-framed glasses (hey, it worked for Clark Kent), he volunteered for a Republican phone bank in New York — for Jane Corwin’s campaign.  Let the amusement begin…

“Hi, sir, my name’s Steve and I’m a volunteer for the Jane Corwin campaign–”

“Jesus!” a guy screams at me. “You know, I was thinking about voting for Corwin, but this is too much! You people have called me a dozen times in the last two days! I am sick of it!”

“But Jane Corwin wants to rule over you with an iron fist,” I calmly relay. “Don’t you crave strong leadership?”

“What?!” he balks. “An ‘iron fist’?”

“Yes,” I assure him. “These phone calls are just the beginning. When Jane’s in Congress she will do everything in her power to crush you mentally and physically.”

“Don’t call me again!” he says and slams down the receiver.

OMG, that is hilarious.

Apparently, the brilliant strategy of Corwin’s campaign is to make calls, find out who’s not planning to vote for Corwin, and then relentlessly call them back until their ears bleed.

I actually spoke with roughly 100 people, and the majority of them were extremely upset with the harassment by phone. Unless they immediately relented and said they were voting for Jane, their name went back into the system, and we’d call them until their spirits were thoroughly crushed. It’s an odd campaigning strategy — one that is no doubt backfiring.

I’m sure that will work out quite well for them.

Ian Murphy, you are the best person in the world!!  Thank you for crawling into the belly of the beast, and coming out only slightly slimed.

Hat tip: badmoodman