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Happy Friday, and may All your paydays be wallet-stuffed.

here’s the Gnuz.

Trump wallowing in negative approvalville
H/T Reuters Polling
Disapproval reaches 54.2, approval slinks to 43.3 over all, gap of nearly 11 percentage points.
Among Women
Disapproval up to 57.1, approval at 37.2 nearly 20 points
Among Independent Voters disapproval at 63.5, approval at 30.8, delta of 32.7 wowsuh.

Report: Mueller Team Has Questioned Cohen About Russia, Pardon Talks
I think I see a pattern.
Mueller holds his cards close to the vest while Trump brags about his awesome 4 of clubs and magnificent six of diamonds. He’s sure he’ll draw the 5 of hearts to complete his straight jacket flush.

Walmart warns Trump tariffs may force price hikes: letter
H/T Raw Story
The last damned thing Mal-Wart wants to do is raise prices, but those margins aren’t going to get damaged, oh no..not today, not tomorrow. The customer will pay the tax that the tariffs represnt. Regressing taxes, no less. Congrats, elections have consequences. Vote in November.

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Daily Gnuz

For Wednezday, here’s the Gnuz!

Trump’s China strategy is the most radical in decades — and it’s failing
H/T Vox
Raising prices is like the most regressive tax you can burden the American worker’s wallet with. (Say that five times fastly)

With Two Sentences, Supreme Court Lifts Veil On 2018’s Secret Megadonors
We all need some good news once and a while…

Trump’s Lies About Russia Dossier Debunked Once Again
H/T Alternet
So sick of the reich wingers trying to claim the FBI and the Derp State are attempting a ‘soft coup’
What a load of garbage.

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Daily Gnuz

For Thurzdae, and there’s some interesting stuff going on…

The secret Seychelles meeting Robert Mueller is zeroing in on, explained
H/T Vox
As usual, Vox is doin’ some ‘splainin’ of nefarious goings on by the Trump criminal cabal…
Salient quotes
“George Nader — an adviser to the de facto leader of the United Arab Emirates — is cooperating with Mueller’s probe. In a sign of his importance to the investigation, Nader testified before a grand jury last week”
“That’s big because Nader helped organize, and attended, that curious Seychelles meeting on January 11, 2017, shortly before Trump’s inauguration. The meeting brought together Erik Prince, Trump donor and founder of the private security company Blackwater, with Kirill Dmitriev, who manages a Russian sovereign wealth fund and is thought to be close to Vladimir Putin.

Anonymous sources have long claimed to reporters that the purpose of the Seychelles meeting was for Trump’s team to covertly communicate with Putin’s team. After all, it happened just weeks after Jared Kushner reportedly told the Russians that he wanted to set up a back channel through which they could communicate.”

More scheiss, giant fan…What could possibly have followed???


Timing of Trump tariff announcement still up in the air
H/T Politico
I am still trying to trace down the so called ‘evidence’ that China is dumping steel in the US.
There’s a statement from Canadian Banking Firm CBIC economist that Canada is possibly involved, but China does not even show up in the top ten import countries, and VietNam is 10th at 2%. Perhaps it’s coming through India, but you’d think it would be easy to investigate. If a country is exporting more steel than it has capacity to produce, then duh…I think this steel dumping issue is a giant red herring.
Go after intellectual property theft, you idiots.


CNN: Trump Upset With Sanders Over Handling Of Stormy Daniels Questions
Uh, oh.
Next idiot down and out.
Wonder how many more morons will sign up for the stinking ship that is the Drumpfhair mal-administration

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