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Trump’s VA director cut a program that housed homeless veterans despite president’s pledge to take care of them
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No, the sitting on his fat ass Prezidunce doesn’t give a crap about the veterans, or the soldiers, or the military. Just throw away pawns in the game of life and death. What the hell did you expect from a draft dodging coward?

Steve Bannon lashes out at Mitt Romney in Alabama. This is probably just the beginning.
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Umm, Mr. Bannon…what about the Prezidunce. Draft dodging isn’t reserved for Mormons serving on their ‘mission’. Drumpf demonstrated his cowardice with ‘bone spurs’. Right.
Oh, and Mormons aren’t really Xians, are they? Next thing Bannon goes for is ‘Joseph Smith was born in Kenya’.

‘Holy crap’: Experts find tax plan riddled with glitches
Some of the provisions could be easily gamed, tax lawyers say.

H/T Politico
OMG! Easily Gamed? How could that Possibly Happen? They spent so much time, had so many hearings, brought in so many expert…wait. Never mind.

Open Thread, can’t really ask you to enjoy it. Just try not to get too enraged. And take your effing meds!

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Memorial Day, May 26th, 2014

World War I Memorial, Washington, DC


World War II Memorials, Washington, DC
ww2 marines-memorialpacific atlantic ww2

Korean War Memorials, Washington, DC
washington-dc-korean-war-veterans-memorialKorean-WarKorean War Memorial in the Snow 04

Vietnam War Memorials, Washington, DC

Tomb of the Unknown
an american soldier

Iraq War Memorial, Washington, DC


Afghanistan War Memorial, Washington, DC


Open thread–have at it!

Watering Hole: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 – Yellow Ribbon Support

Last week, we celebrated Veteran’s Day which is a national holiday.  But how much real support does this Congress give to our veterans?

Did you know…

  • 1/3 of the homeless population are veterans?
  • 1 million veterans rely on food stamps?

Yet, Congress is fine with cutting food stamps to our veterans along with the cuts that affect seniors and the 49% of children that rely on this program.  The House bill reduces the SNAP program (food stamps) by $40 billions dollars.  In the Senate, their bill reduces the SNAP program by $5 billions dollars.  Senators Warren and Gildebrand, introduced a bill that would reduce the insurance guarantee for crop failures by 2%.  The money saved by this change would cover the $5 billions dollars therefore no cuts to SNAP would be needed.  Of course, this idea died before any Senators had a chance to vote.

In a nation this wealthy, there is no reason for any American to go without food.  The Republicans in Congress have turned their backs on the most vulnerable Americans and that includes our veterans.

Congressional Republicans, have you no shame?

This is our Open Thread.  What are your thoughts?  Speak Up!

Here’s a link to an article in the New York Times.

Here’s a link to an NPR program regarding SNAP.