The Sunday Roast: 2012 – The Best Line…and The Worst

I have been thinking a lot about what stuck in my mind from last year and, of course, there are numerous occasions that are memorable. In my own life and in politics. Not all good memories, but that was 2012 for me. Not all good. Let’s stick to politics.

Here the best line in politics of 2012. Hint: A door painted on a rock…

And there was in my humble opinion the worst:

The only way is to take away the guns from the bad guys. Period!

So, what are you thinking? There are some really great quotes out there you are welcome to post the best, funniest, most thoughtful, most thought provoking and most uplifting lines that come to your mind. I think we might as well end this year on hope. Heaven knows we can all use it.

To All Critters and Regulars and the Occasional Lurker. I wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year. Let’s get 2012 behind us, we have been spared another Republican President, yes it affects us over here as well. But there is still a lot of work to do on both sides of the Atlantic. I wish us all the best for it.




Sunday Roast: 2011 in 100 seconds

Yeesh, glad we’re done with 2011!

I think we should have a better 2012, starting with the recall of Gov Scott Walker in Wisconsin; moving on to whittling down the numbers in the GOP clown college (buh-bye Batshit), while enjoying the Santorum Surge (brain bleach!); reveling in the crash & burn of John Boehner’s no good, horrible, very bad term as Weeper Speaker of the House; cheering on the Occupy movement (move your money!); keeping track of how many positions Mitt Romney has on any particular issue as the silly political season continues; and that’s just JANUARY.

Buck up Zoosters, 2012 is going to be a bumpy year!

This is our daily open thread — HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!