The Gonzales Cantata..

Whodda thunk..

I just wish I was in the vicinity of Philadelphia this weekend so I could be there to hear the entire thing live!

From the website:

In February 2005, President George W. Bush appointed White House Counsel and former Secretary of the State of Texas Alberto Gonzales the 80th Attorney General of the United States.

By the end of 2007, Gonzales had resigned in disgrace after disastrous testimonial hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee…

Here’s a couple of excerpts from “The Gonzales Cantata” by composer Melissa Dunphy:

And, of course, the aria “I Don’t Recall..”

Truly inspired… You can listen to the entire cantata from this website.

Here’s the interview with composer Melissa Dunphy by the WSJ.


Spanish Prosecutor Seeking Indictment’s Of Six Bush Officials On Torture Charges

What are the immediate implications for these six officials?  They can’t really travel outside the United States, certainly not to Europe, because the judge would have the immediate power to issue arrest warrants.  Also Latin America, which has extradition arrangements with the Spanish.

From the Daily Beast:

Spanish prosecutors will seek criminal charges against Alberto Gonzales and five high-ranking Bush administration officials for sanctioning torture at Guantánamo.

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Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales under indictment!

Pinch me!! From YouTube:

Cheney is accused of investing some $85 million in the Vanguard group that houses federal inmates. The grand jury accuses Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez of engaging in organized criminal activity.

AP: Cheney, Gonzales indicted in South Texas county

Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have been indicted on state charges involving federal prisons in a South Texas county that has been a source of bizarre legal and political battles under the outgoing prosecutor.

The indictment returned Monday has not yet been signed by the presiding judge, and no action can be taken until that happens.

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Trouble finding a job? I’m shocked..

New York Times

In Job Search, Gonzales Sees No Takers

Alberto R. Gonzales, like many others recently unemployed, has discovered how difficult it can be to find a new job. Mr. Gonzales, the former attorney general, who was forced to resign last year, has been unable to interest law firms in adding his name to their roster, Washington lawyers and his associates said in recent interviews.

He has, through friends, put out inquiries, they said, and has not found any takers. What makes Mr. Gonzales’s case extraordinary is that former attorneys general, the government’s chief lawyer, are typically highly sought.

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Perhaps his difficulty in finding another job as an attorney could have something to do with his memory problems? Incompetence? Corruption? Or just the fact that he is a demonstrated liar!

Maybe its just the fact that he made such a joke of himself and his position for the entire world to see..

Or perhaps people in his field recognize that at some point in the near future he may be facing disbarment, or arrest and imprisonment.. (One can hope..)

Taking a little trip down memory lane: (This is downright ugly..)

TPMtv: Alberto Gonzales: Lying Liar Edition

The Top Five Turkeys of 2007!!! voted by those of us at TheZoo!

#1 (tie): George W. Bush for being a liar and a neo-con tool; for vetoing the S-CHIP bill on October 3 — after having declared October 1 “Children’s Health Day”; for giving shrubbery a bad name; for his “Childrens do learn” gift with public speaking; for 3874 dead troops, and over a million Iraqi dead; and for that ever-present smirk.

#1 (tie): Nancy Pelosi, the table-phobic Speaker of the House for squandering the power given in November 2006; for failing to use her considerable influence to achieve the will of the people; and waving a dull sword in the face of a pack of rabid dogs.

#3: Dick Cheney (aka Darth) for being a five-deferrment warhawk who puts power and profit above EVERYTHING; for shooting an 80 year old man in the face, who later apologized to Dick for the trouble; for being a sick fuck who loves to hunt flightless or caged birds; for his part in outing Valerie Plame-Wilson; and for being just plain evil and deserving impeachment.

#4: Alberto Gonzales for being a piss-poor attorney, lying weasel butt-kisser who stomped all over the American peoples’ right of habeas corpus, and after being called on his idiocy in Congressional hearing, failed to give habeas corpus even a moment’s thought in time for the next hearing; for having the brass balls to say “I don’t recall” 74 times in the hearing; and for his child-like visage, and a smirk that would make Ghandi’s hand twitch toward a backhand slap.

#5: Larry Craig (R-ID), the senior Senator from Idaho, for being a wide-stanced, tap-dancing, deeply-closeted, hypocritical fool, who can’t even resign properly. Does Idaho need this? I think not…

Honorable mentions…

The Mainstream Media (aka So-Called Liberal Media) for being so cozy with this administration, to the point of dancing on-stage with creepy MCRove; for continuing to inflict on us the likes of Rush Limbaugh after his “phony soldiers” rants, and Bill O’Reilly for his batshit insane self-absorbed paranoia; and for entirely forgetting that the purpose of news is not profit and sensationalism, but to aid in the continuance of our democracy by keeping the citizens informed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all others — The Top Five Turkeys of 2007! Where’s that deep-fryer….?

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol, Jamiol’s World

Yet another legal defense fund..

Alberto Gonzales establishes legal defense fund (via: Crooks and Liars).

Most Attorneys General, upon stepping down, move to private-sector legal work. Some take on faculty positions at respected law schools. And then there’s Alberto Gonzales, arguably the worst Attorney General in U.S. history.

Since resigning in disgrace, Gonzales has retained a high-powered DC criminal-defense lawyer to represent him. Given that the U.S. Inspector General may recommend criminal charges against Gonzales, it was probably a good move.

There are a number of others in recent months who have also started ‘legal defense funds’:

Bernie Kerik
Rep. Tom Feeney
I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby
Rep. John Doolittle
Rep. Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham
Rep. Bob Ney
Rep. Tom DeLay

And yes, I know, Bill and Hillary Clinton did it too..

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