Judicial Confirmation Network: Right Wing Smear Campaign

When we think of the word “judicial” what comes to mind is truth. My preconceived thoughts come from the Latin meaning jus right, law and dicere to determine. Hence, my conclusion at first glance-an organization seeking the truth-without political bias, with a dedication to the constitution. Judicial Confirmation Network has an agenda, which they tout is integrity, common sense, education and experience in the law and lastly, a devotion to the Constitution.

All those wonderful words that make us seek the truth, not just with our minds but with our hearts. Their “About Us” section makes you believe that those virtues of which they speak, is their goal. That is when reality of what they really stand for becomes clear, not only with the video that is on their website http://judicialnetwork.com/, but the fact that they are using it as a campaign ad against Barack Obama. If you are a legitimate group trying to send a strong and powerful message the last possible method you use is an attack ad. That not only takes away from the message but uncovers the ugly underbelly of what you truly stand for. Those powerful words like integrity and zeal for the constitution become tarnished with their twisted ideology of lies which they perpetuate in TV ads in Michigan and Ohio currently-but is being launched nationally.

To give you a little background on their true agenda and what they have been endorsing over the years-will give you an insight into their deeply entrenched right-wing philosophies. Back in July 2005, Bush taps conservative Appeals Court Judge John Roberts for the Supreme Court. Gary Marx, the Executive Director of the Judicial Confirmation Network fully endorsed this Bush nomination.

Marx has also worked as a coalition organizer for the Bush-Cheney 2004 national campaign and served as Development Director and lobbyist for The Family Foundation of Virginia.

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