One More For The Gallows

Ramón Calderón Ramos, President of the Real Madrid Fútbol Club (yes, the previous team of David Beckham, hubby of Posh Spice Victoria), has been detained at the New York’s airport because his first last name (Spanish and a number of other countries names have two last names, the father’s first last name and the mother’s first last name), is the same of a drug cartel leader:

Questions are: Calderón is a very popular one. You know how many Spanish descendant people shares the same last name? Millions.

Second, in Spanish papers articles, he declares that he was with 30 other persons in the detention facilities of the airport, and that he was quickly released because he’s personal friends with the Spaniard Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, who was phoned called by Calderón’s wife. My questions here are, how many people is misidentified and treated like a criminal, simply due to an inept computer programmer or an overzealous customs official? It’s better for security to add more and more hay to the haystack without checking what is in? Is the USA citizen free of this type of curfews and possible unjust imprisonment? Remember, we’re not speaking here of monitoring international calls of foreigners, but of regular people traveling around, and not only foreigners (Cat Stevens, any one, or the children stopped at airports?), due to the no-fly list, theoretically works at every airport of the USA .

How can it be compatible with the “freedom” so often touted, and so envied around the world? Really “they” hate you for your freedoms?