The only known moving images of Anne Frank

In the grainy black and white YouTube video, Frank is shown leaning over the balcony to watch an eager young newlywed couple as they walk past the sidewalk adjacent to the Amsterdam apartment Frank lived in before she and her family moved into the annex behind father Otto’s office to escape Hitler‘s regime.

The July 22, 1941 video is the first-ever released film image of Frank. It was given to the Anne Frank House from the married couple, who lived on the same floor as the Franks.

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Open Thread Friday – Anne Frank’s Birthday

Ann Frank was born on June, 12, 1929, she was given a blank diary on her 13th birthday.  The rest is a revelation.
Anne Frank

Anne Frank

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In light of  what occurred on Wednesday at the US Holocaust Museum, her birthday and the injustice and indignity that she suffered become even more tragic  as she describes what are man’s injustices to man.

Anne Frank died at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in early March 1945 (aged 15) of typhus. Her older sister shared her fate.

If you are ever in Amsterdam, be sure to visit the Anne Frank House. If you first read the accounts in her diary, you can understand at least a semblance of her dreadful experiences in occupied Holland.

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