The Watering Hole: Tuesday July 12, 2011 – Media Moguls

This has not been a good week for media moguls. On a small scale Silvio Berlusconi had to suffer a defeat if you can call EUR 530 million small scale. Anyhow it is the first time in years he wasn’t able to ward off the consequences of his doings. He announced by the way, he won’t run for another four years when the next elections come up in 2013. I wish, however, there’s more than only four years in store for him, though not in office, but in jail. He’s done enough damage as it is.

Much worse, and I am grinning here, is the fate of Rupert Murdoch. He seems to have helped himself to a corporate meltdown. Just have a look at the latest revelations on how his media empire acts:

Gordon Brown
9/11 victims
Crime Victims
War casualties
And look who was in bed with them 

It would be totally naive to think Murdoch’s US flagship FOX wasn’t using the same tactics of intimidation and blackmail. So lets keep the stories coming in, FOX News may be in the news before long and ultimately damaged enough, so their influence on your politics will be greatly diminished, too. Wishful thinking?

This is our Open Thread. What do you wish for? And go see, there may be new stories coming up during the day below this and we don’t do hacking just thinking.


The Watering Hole: November 9, Burlesque Berlusconi’s Affairs

He is the ultimate politician. Totally vain, self-centered and immoral. He made his wealth with the alleged help of the mafia. He has many different lawsuits against him, for fraud, tax evasion, etc. He uses his office mainly to create legislation to get these lawsuits off his back. He has and had alleged and admitted affairs with underage girls and a penchant for prostitutes. His ties into the red light culture are said to risk Italy’s national security.  And he is convinced his actions are acceptable, he could be worse, he says, he could be gay. So, who is the “Worst Politician Ever”? You will find, they’re evenly distributed over the planet.

Who’s your favourite?

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