The Watering Hole, Saturday, October 5, 2013: This Week In Right Wing Nuttery

The Right Wing’s detachment from Reality would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous to America. After all, some of these people inexplicably are elected Members of Congress or government, and others inexplicably are influential in the Conservative movement, even if they deny it. I’m baffled as to why anyone, including these people, would think their viewpoints merit attention.

First there’s self-appointed Tea Party Darling and Canadian-born gadfly Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz. Senator Cruz Continue reading


The Biggest Winners & Losers Tuesday

The obvious winners are Barack Obama, Congressional Democrats, all the volunteers that worked hard to make this dream a reality and the progressives that wanted this change so badly.

Politico has highlighted the winners and losers of this campaign election.  I agree that the verdict on the victors will come not from a single night of election returns but from the actions the winners take to remedy the nation’s economic ills and extricate it from two long and costly wars.


President Bush. The  worst President in history.  The debt, deregulation, the two wars, and his unpopularity helped doom John McCain who voted for Bush policies 90% of the time.

Steve Schmidt. McCain’s main strategist was brought in after a shake-up to hammer Obama hard every day, and he did that with gusto, hatching the highly effective “Celebrity” ad equating Obama with Paris Hilton. Schmidt’s mid-campaign testosterone boost turned off independents, young voters and women. Meanwhile, the base never believed the Arizona senator was one of their own – even when Schmidt succeeded in persuading McCain to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Rudy Giuliani. America’s mayor began the year as the Republican front-runner by making the case for the big-tent GOP approach. He ended it as a caustic Republican attack dog at a time when GOP partisanship has turned off the very independents Giuliani initially attracted.

Bill Kristol. The former Republican White House aide-turned-New York Times columnist was one of the loudest voices in favor of invading Iraq. And he was among the first to suggest Palin could be McCain’s savior. It proved to be a brilliant move. For about two weeks.

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Conservatives Bailin’ & Blaming McCain

This is just too funny.  Jed Report has captured everyone that is bailin’ on McCain.  He has Bill Kristol, George Will, Paul Gigot, Newt Gingrich, Matt Lewis, and even Brit Hume.  Watch as the “mighty conservatives” fall and play the blame game.  It is a little over two minutes but guaranteed to put a smile on your face this morning.

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Kristol Calls McCain Campaign “Pathetic, No Strategy”

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Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday, he just unloads on the McCain Campaign.  I can’t think of any adjective he didn’t cover, he made sure he got “stupid and flailing” in there .

Update:  Glenn Greenwald post on Bill Kristol.

Though McCain didn’t bring it up in the debate, since then, the campaign has followed Kristol’s advice, talking about Ayers more than any other single topic. But now that it is conclusively clear that these attacks are failing – that they are actually backfiring and making Obama more popular and McCain and Palin more unpopular – Kristol went on Fox News this morning and attacked the McCain campaign for running what he called a “stupid campaign” and “a pathetic campaign” because the attacks “haven’t worked” and they’re “doing things that don’t work and they keep doing them” – without ever bothering to mention that he, Kristol, just last week, was one of the loudest and most vocal advocates for relying on these character attacks against Obama.

That’s typical Bill Kristol – not only chronically wrong about everything, but far worse, completely incapable of acknowledging mistakes. He just suppresses them, pretends they don’t exist, and in that regard is the perfect face for the right-wing movement that is dying a painful, harsh and profoundly well-deserved death in front of everyone’s eyes.

What we’re seeing in this video is just the start of the angry recriminations in this movement as they seek to blame each other for what has happened. 

(H/T Jed Report)

Sunday Talking Heads

Talking Heads – “Psycho Killer”

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Sunday Talking Heads

ABC’s This WeekNewt Gingrich, Bill Clinton; roundtable with Torie Clark, Donna Brazile & George Will

NBC’s Meet The Press – Bill Clinton; roundtable with Dan Balz, Pat Buchanan, David Gregory & Tavis Smiley

CBS’s Face The Nation – Bill Richardson

FOX’s Fox News Sunday – Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.), David Yepsen, James Pindell, roundtable with Brit Hume, Mara Liasson, Juan Williams, & Bill Kristol

CNN’s Late Edition – foreign ministers of Iraq and Sudan, Seymour Hersh

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