The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 13th, 2015: Birthday Breakfast

birthday pancakes 2

For Wayne’s 55th birthday, we’re having breakfast. Breakfast is a meal that I could eat any time of day, but today we’re actually having breakfast at normal people’s breakfast time. Wayne’s going to get it to go at Karen’s Diner, a local breakfast-and-lunch-only eatery that’s been in Pawling for as long as I can remember (and we’ve now lived in Pawling for 27+ years) They cook your meal fresh to order – nothing too frilly, just good old breakfast.


After that I think we’ll both need a nap. In the afternoon we’ll watch the Mets game, then the birthday cake will probably precipitate another nap. A nice, lazy Saturday for Wayne’s birthday.


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The Watering Hole, Monday, December 16th, 2013: This Day in History

Many famous people were born on December 16th, including:

Catherine of Aragon
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Jane Austen
King Leopold I of Belgium
George Santayana
Noel Coward
Margaret Mead
Arthur C. Clarke
Philip K. Dick
Match Game panelists Patti Deutsch and Joyce Bulifant
Bill Hicks (still miss ya, Bill!)

Some not-so-famous people were also born on December 16th:

Elizabeth “Bessie” Cook, nee Burlington (a.k.a. Grandma)
Jane Elizabeth Sechny

Looks like I’m in very good company!



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The Watering Hole: March 25 — Big day in history!

Francesco Guardi

According to the Wiki, so many interesting things happened on this day in history!

421 – Venice, Italy is born at twelve o’clock noon, according to legend.

1306 – Robert the Bruce becomes King of Scotland.  (I bet he was wearing a kilt…)

1655 – Saturn‘s largest moon, Titan, is discovered by Christiaan Huygens.

1811 – Percy Bysshe Shelley is expelled from the University of Oxford for publishing the pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism.

1911 – In New York City, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire kills 146 garment workers.

From the amazing beauty of Venice, to the discovery of a planet millions of miles away, to the terrible tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, March 25 was a very busy day in history.

Some interesting people were born on this day as well…

1867 – Arturo Toscanini, Italian conductor.

1908 – Sir David Lean, English film director.

1911 – Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald.

1914 – Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner and American agriculturalist.

1934 – Gloria Steinem, American feminist and publisher.

1942 – Aretha Franklin, American singer.

1947 – Elton John, English singer and songwriter.

1982 – Danica Patrick, American race car driver (now House knows when to send that birthday card).

And many more!

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