The Watering Hole, Friday January 23, 2015 – Friday Night Music

I saw this lady umpteen years ago (try 40+) at Villanova University in a blues concert, really an all-star cast of old blues performers. Bonnie was the only pale one on the stage, but she could rip some mean blues licks with the old timers. She actually started her career in Philadelphia. Fashioned quite a legacy for herself in the ensuing years..

Music Night: Boogie Woogie

When I started listening to the blues a long time ago a piano style stood out called boogie woogie. You listen and then you just can’t stop moving. Memphis Slim, Otis Spann, Albert Ammons, and Pete Johnson are just some of the artist names in this sub genre. The style is being kept alive by a new generation, many of them European.

Here’s a little number with some dance routine thrown in: