Proud to be an American?

Not so much when I see stuff like this.


CNN Ed Henry Hit with Pack Of Gum at McCain Rally

(Ed Henry in this grainy video (I apologize) is being heckled the entire time he is doing a live shot with the camera rolling.)

Ed Henry was talking to Bill Schneider, who was standing at another camera position at the rally, during Republican congressional candidate Keith Fimian speech.  Well that didn’t sit well with a woman who attended the rally in Woodbridge, VA.  More of the story from the Washington Post.

As Republican congressional candidate Keith Fimian warmed up the crowd at an afternoon rally with Sen. John McCain, CNN’s Ed Henry was co-anchoring his network’s weekend political coverage live from the press risers. Fimian was speaking about his personal accomplishments as Henry quizzed Bill Schneider, who was standing at another camera position at the rally.

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Rev. Conrad At MCain Rally: “They are Going To Think Their God Is Bigger Than You”

Two quotes from Rev. Arnold Conrad: “God your reputation is involved.” “Lord I hope you guard your reputation because they are going to think their god is bigger than you.”  Truly scary stuff…. 

In case you missed it over the weekend, a minister who gave the invocation at a McCain rally in Iowa couched his prayer in terms I’ve never heard before: God’s own reputation is at stake in this election, he said, because so many Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists around the world are praying for an Obama victory that if Obama wins, they’ll think “their god is bigger” than the Christian god.


Palin? Hotty or Snotty?

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This is one day Sarah Palin would like to be able to do over. Assuming always gets you in trouble. Well, that is exactly what she did this morning in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin mistook some of her own fans for hecklers Monday as a rally that drew thousands.

A massive crowd of at least 20,000 spread across the parking lot of Richmond International Raceway, and scores of people on the outer periphery more than 100 yards from the stage could not hear.

“Louder! Louder!” they began chanting, and the cry spread across the crowd to Palin’s left. Some pointed skyward, urging that the volume be increased. Palin stopped her remarks briefly and looked toward the commotion.

“I hope those protesters have the courage and honor to give veterans thanks for their right to protest,” she said.

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