Cesspool Saturday

Hey, EV!  It’s an early cesspool party, just for you.  🙂

For the newbies:

There are no rules in the cesspool, but no trolls are allowed.  Post on any topic you like, tell a joke, post a song, live-blog the US v. Ghana football match, whatever you like!  It’s a cesspool — just imagine what you’d find in one.  Heh.

The chimps will take your drink order.  Compliment them on being freshly bathed and wearing their tiny tuxedos, and they might keep their fingers out of your drink.  No guarantees on that one, of course.  REMINDER:  There is no valet parking for the cesspool party.  If you give your keys to a chimp to park your car, you are on your own!

Come on in…the water’s fine.

Saturday night in the cesspool

Bottoms up!!

Bottoms up!!

Photo by nwmuse

Did you ever have one of those days?  I had one yesterday, but it’s gone now.  🙂

Tonight’s the night for being mellow, so you know what that means — the wait-staff chimps have the night off, and the bar is open.

Relax and enjoy the company, tell a story or joke, post some music, it’s up to you.


Saturday night in the cesspool: Food edition

The KFC Double Down Sandwich

The KFC "Double Down" Sandwich

Image via foodgeekery.com

KFC is doing test markets in Rhode Island and Nebraska of their newest item, the Double Down sandwich.

This little number consists of bacon, two kinds of cheese, and sauce, between two pieces of fried chicken breast.

I kid you not…

What do all y’all think of this latest creation?  The chimps are bringing around free beer this evening.  Enjoy!

HT:  Huffington Post

Caption Contest!

(AP Photo/Journal Times, Tom McCauley)

(AP Photo/Journal Times, Tom McCauley)

via Huffington Post

Knock yourselves outs, folks!!

BTW, consider this your early cesspool party.  😉  The chimps are in the pool, so good luck getting a drink from them.

dbadass brought snacks — chanterelles!  — Well, it’s better than nothing.  Which is what I was going to bring.

Thanks for finding the picture, Cats r Flyfishn!