This Year, Why Not Try Something Different For Christmas?

I admit I have not been to a mall in over 2 1/2 years.  The closest I come to that kind of shopping environment is going to outlets once a year.  The retailers that know me best are the Benjamin Moore paint associates and the home improvement folks that have been selling me cedar shingles for my home.

In my own family, I’m in the minority.  I’m the only one that doesn’t participate in the Black Friday shopping battle.  Derrick Jackson talks about the brutality of Black Friday and making a change for Christmas this year.

It seems that it is not enough for Americans to watch football on turkey day. Obviously inspired by our beloved black-and-blue brutality, otherwise sane Americans treat Black Friday as their day in the NFL, blasting through the hole of the store opening to the 20-, the 30-, the 40-, the 50-percent-off sweater department! Then you chop-block the shopper ahead of you to advance from 53d to 52d in the checkout line.

All this sweat, tears, and occasional blood for the argyle for dear old Dad that becomes moth bait.

This year is, of course, different. Black Friday really turned tragic as a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death in New York. This and the economy stinks. President-elect Obama has said for two years the planet is in peril. That originally only referred to global warming. But Americans keep thinking we can pilfer the planet at no peril.

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