Sunday Roast: Robert Greenwald’s “Koch Brothers Exposed”

I know it’s an hour long, but please watch this video.  It’s only ONE HOUR of your life.

It’s important for all of us to know how the despicable Koch brothers have woven their tentacles throughout this country, like a deadly cancer.

They have a very specific ideology, and they don’t give a shit if you subscribe to it or not.  Given their way, we will all feel the toxic Koch boot on our necks, sooner or later, and we can’t fight them if we don’t know what they’re about.

This is our daily open thread — Are we ready to give the Koch brothers the boot?


If my client’s a twit; you must acquit*

Blago’s attorney knows things are so bad for his client, that calling him “silly” and “broke” seems like an excellent idea.

Finally, a little reality in this saga…

I can’t wait for Blago’s news conference after the verdict.  **popping popcorn**

*Chris Hayes

We’ve got a war to lose!

The Wall Street Journal

KABUL—More than $3 billion in cash has been openly flown out of Kabul International Airport in the past three years, a sum so large that U.S. investigators believe top Afghan officials and their associates are sending billions of diverted U.S. aid and logistics dollars and drug money to financial safe havens abroad.

The cash—packed into suitcases, piled onto pallets and loaded into airplanes—is declared and legal to move. But U.S. and Afghan officials say they are targeting the flows in major anticorruption and drug trafficking investigations because of their size relative to Afghanistan’s small economy and the murkiness of their origins.(read more)

This war is getting ever more absurd.

Blago indicted on charges he conspired to sell IL Senate seat — and more


Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and five others were indicted Thursday on charges of scheming to auction off President Barack Obama‘s vacant U.S. Senate seat, pressuring a congressman for campaign money and lying to FBI agents. The 19-count indictment alleges Blagojevich and his aides discussed the possibility he could get a Cabinet post in the new president’s administration, substantial fundraising assistance or a high-paying job in exchange for the Senate seat.

Mr Blagojevich, will you have a news conference to discuss these charges….?  Please?  Pretty please…?  😀


Rod Blagojevich, you’re about to be indicted on federal corruption charges, what are you gonna do?  He’s gone to Disney World!!

Seriously….not kidding at all.  😉

HT: freedomrebel

DOJ drops charges against former Senator Ted Stevens R-AK

This is not an April Fool’s story, though I initially thought so.

Eric Holder has dropped all charges against former Alaskan Senator Stevens because the case was marred by allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.

Holder also wanted to send a message early in his tenure at the department that misconduct by prosecutors would not be tolerated.

If it means that prosecutors are held to higher standards in the future, fine. But Republicans will spin that one against the Democrats in a hurry. Politico, CNN and more have confirmed the story.

There go the judges…

To put this cartoon in context, from cartoonist John Cole:

87 months in federal prison probably isn’t long enough for Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan. The two former Luzerne County judges pleaded guilty Thursday afternoon in federal court to fraud and kickback charges relating to a privately owned juvenile detention center.

The two admitted to receiving $2.6 million in kickbacks from the center’s owners, but Ciavarella maintains there was no quid-pro-quo in the scheme. However, given the rate at which he shipped juveniles off to detention (roughly one in four, or about 2.5 times higher than the state average), it sure looks like some form of back-scratching was going on.

The feds didn’t include this quid-pro-quo in their case yesterday. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Zubrod says he and his team still firmly believe one occurred and will present that to a federal judge when Ciavarella and Conahan are sentenced later this year.

Jailing Kids for Cash – by Amy Goodman (also posted at TruthDig)

As many as 5,000 children in Pennsylvania have been found guilty, and up to 2,000 of them jailed, by two corrupt judges who received kickbacks from the builders and owners of private prison facilities that benefited. The two judges pleaded guilty in a stunning case of greed and corruption that is still unfolding. Judges Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan received $2.6 million in kickbacks while imprisoning children who often had no access to a lawyer. The case offers an extraordinary glimpse into the shameful private prison industry that is flourishing in the United States…

In the article by Amy Goodman, she writes about two young people and their experiences under these judges.. This is unbelievable. So, is this the ‘free market’ at work?