Why did the chicken cross the road..?

(As read on the Thom Hartmann Show – 1/10/08 – sent to Thom Hartmann by Richard Russell)

2008 Political edition

Hillary Clinton: I have vast experience with chickens, and if elected, I will ensure that every chicken has the ability to cross any road it desires.

Barack Obama: It was time for change..

John Edwards: To escape exploitation..

Bill Richardson: It had lots of different kinds of experience on its own side of the road and was ready for a new and bigger challenge.

Dennis Kucinich: I’m not sure… Let me pull out my Constitution and see what it says about chickens..

Mike Gravel: It was the WAR! It makes everyone do crazy things. Speaking of crazy..

Mitt Romney: The chicken has always been on that side of the road..

Ron Paul: Higher prices for eggs on the other side. Its the invisible hand of the free market..

Mike Huckabee: WHAT?! The chicken crossed the road? There’s no way that could happen in nature.. It must be a miracle! Praise Jesus!!

John McCain: Well, if you’ve never been in captivity, you can’t imagine what you would do to get away.

Tom Tancredo: It was a Mexican chicken, it was looking for your job, and your daughter..

Rudy Giuliani: ..9/11..

Tommy Thompson: What?

Fred Thompson: …..snore….

George Bush: It was a road-crossing chicken. In other words, it was the kind of chicken who like to cross the road.. Heh heh, heh..

Dick Cheney: (sounds of gunshots in the distance).. oops.. Sorry..