Breaking Gnus: Invisible Obama Abandons Non-Existent Country


This just in: Invisible Obama Abandons Non-Existent Country.

Moments ago, Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice-President Dick of the same last name, announced Invisible Obama abandonded Czechoslavakia, a country that has not existed for approximately 20 years.

Tweeter caught up with Invisible Obama for his response.

Invisible Obama

Invisible Obama: I should have known I couldn’t keep this a secret through my campaign. It’s true. I actually abandoned Czechoslovakia when I left Kenya as a child to follow Jeremiah Wright. But that was before that great Republican President told Putin to tear down the Iron Curtain and put up some nice paisley drapes. I honestly didn’t think anyone would find out about this, so I have to give Dick’s daughter credit. I wonder what else she will dig up about my past?

With that, the transparent candidate left, looking quite disturbed at this latest revelation of his childhood missteps on the way to becoming President.