What IS Your Job, Mr. Gregory?

This has to be one of the most infuriating segments seen on a news program that isn’t Fox.

And if you and your colleagues had broadcast to the American people — in prime time and with as much ferocity as others possessed when reporting about Monica or shark attacks — that the administration’s case was false, most of the American people might have ultimately believed you. So don’t thrust the burden of your failure onto the people with, “If there wasn’t a debate in this country, the American people should think about ‘why not.’…where was public opinion?” Sadly, too many Americans were hysterically-blinded by patriotism and the fog of September 11th at that time. Yes. But it’s the press/media’s responsibility to cut through the hysteria and to present the objective reality — so we don’t eventually have to confront the failure and the guilt. As we all are right now.

Even in 2004 when the President was up for re-election, very few of the so-called “liberal” cable news hosts made the argument that four more years of George Bush meant four more years of war. But, oh well. Senator Kerry was an elitist who asked for Swiss on his cheesesteak, so… No White House for him! Concurrently, no-one seemed to care that the Pentagon was feeding military propagandists to the cable news networks in order to positively spin the war. What about that, Mr. Gregory? Can these trespasses be blamed on the people — the opinion polls?

Much more by Bob Cesca at The Huntington Post.

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