Weiner: Misleading insurance report proves public option necessary

I was glad to see this interview last night. It is a good followup to Briseadh na Faire’s post yesterday “The October Surprise – Health Insurance Style.”

From Raw Replay:

MSNBC’s David Shuster is joined by Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, to discuss a new report commissioned by the health insurance industry which is being used to threaten a hike in health care premiums.

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Schuster Interviews “Birther” Orly Taitz Over Obama’s Birth Certificate

From the War Room  – Alex Koppelman at Salon.com

Full disclosure: I was supposed to be on MSNBC this afternoon talking about the Birthers and their release of what they claim is a copy of President Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. (It’s really an obvious forgery.) But shortly after I agreed to go on, the booker called and said they had to cancel. The reason why, it turns out, is that they’d booked de facto Birther movement leader Orly Taitz instead.

But in this case, I think this interview served a purpose, as Taitz did a fair amount of damage to her cause all by herself. Anyone who was on the fence and watched the interview could not possibly come away from it thinking she’s credible.

For me, this is a continuing theme I keep seeing over and over again.  The birthers and teabaggers do an interview to obfuscate, lie and scream over the interviewer hoping someone will believe them.  When you have facts and logic on your side, there is never a need to lie or yell.  I agree with Koppelman, she hurt her chances of anyone taking her seriously after watching that.  Me personally, I could only handle about three minutes of it……

Sen. Sanders: All Democrats should vote to end health care filibuster

David Schuster, covering for Keith Olbermann on Countdown last night, talked with Senator Bernie Sanders about the Republicans threat to block the vote on fixing health care.

They discussed how Democrats now have the numbers to get past the filibuster (with Al Franken being seated), and asked if the Dems would do what it takes to block the Republican obstructionist filibustering so they could have an up or down vote on all the important issues coming down the pike – especially on healthcare reform.

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May 12th In a Hundred Seconds & The Eruption Over Miss California Decision

The David Schuster segment where he is talking about “Can I vomit right now,” pertains to the Miss California decision – she gets to keep her crown. The video is below the fold.

Schuster has a feisty discussion with Contessa & Tamron over the issue.  He furthers states:

“Doesn’t this represent everything that is wrong with the superficial nature of these pageants?  She talked about how woman can make a difference in the world, she lied, and avoided taking personal responsibility.  She blamed others – whether it was Perez Hilton or the photographers – and then she whined about all the attention she received.”

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MSNBC: Schuster Gives A Verbal Beating To Brian Brown

David Schuster’s guest, Brian Brown, is the Executive Director of National Organization For Marriage.    The National Organization For Marriage (NOM), is a group opposed to same-sex marriage.  Schuster was ticked off over the fact that the NOM is cherry picking parts of statements being made by legal scholars to prove their point, when in fact that was not the point the scholars were trying to make.

IMHO, if states adopted a secular view on marriage that would solve the problem — the religious aspect would be taken out of the equation on a state level.

Lawrence O’Donnell steeps tea baggers on Countdown

Lawrence O’Donnell talks with David Shuster on Countdown about the tea parties planned for April 15th, tax day (today).

The taxation rates that everyone is protesting today are those of the George Bush administration. So, does that mean that all these protesters across the country today will be raging against George Bush? Do they even KNOW what they are protesting?

Michelle Obama, Royal “Touch,” Girls School Visit & Dazzling Britian

Michelle Obama drew an incredible crowd who wanted to just catch a glimpse of our First Lady.  She gave an inspiring speech at a London Girls School, after which they literally swarmed her for handshakes and hugs.  Michelle is taking London by storm.

Bush Whore, I Mean Rove..But I repeat myself

Karl Rove wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal and that is what landed him on David Schuster’s Hypocrisy Watch.

Tuesday night’s news conference showed a fluid, self-assured president — but one who seems to think that repeating a false argument will make it true. The man who promised to end “finger-pointing” has developed the habit of blaming everyone who came before him. Invoking the language of fiscal responsibility, he is engineering prosperity-killing deficits and bankrupting spending. Mr. Obama has put front and center a set of issues — spending and taxation — that brought Republicans to power in the past and may bring them back again. It looks as if we may be heading back to the future.

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Newt Gingrich Criticizes Obama On Anti-Catholic Values…Please!

David Schuster mocks Newt Gingrich on his segment “Hypocrisy Watch” for a statement that he  ‘Twittered’.  Newt Gingrich said, “It is sad to see Notre Dame invite President Obama to give the commencement address since his policies are so anti-Catholic values.”

Newt lecturing on Catholic values, a man who isn’t even Catholic yet, a man who is on his third marriage and has committed adultery, as if he is some kind of moral compass..

Hypocrisy Watch: Eric Cantor told a couple whoppers!

Sheesh, isn’t there even one member of the GOP that doesn’t tell lies?  George questions Mitch McConnell about a Budget and then Mitch talks about getting down in the weeds.  I guess George uses sentences with too many big words for Mitch.

Thom Hartmann on the GOP Busting Unions

Thom Hartmann of radio’s Air America was a guest on Countdown last week to discuss what is happening with the bailout (or lack of a bailout) of the auto industry. 

David Shuster talks to Thom Hartmann about the GOP’s decision to tell the industrial midwest to go to hell. Hartmann breaks down the reasons the GOP to wants to bust unions and explains how this movement started under Ronald Reagan. He also has some suggestions for Barack Obama to get the economy back on track, and one is to read Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Manufacturers from 1791.

Nobody says it any better..

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