The Right Stirs Controversy – Bush’s Hand Holding vs Obama’s “Bow” To Saudi King

The Pittsburgh Tribune wrote an op-ed ‘The Bow’: A troubling metaphor.

In the least, it was an embarrassing protocol faux pas; Mr. Obama is not the king’s subject but his equal. The Washington Times called it “a shocking display of fealty to a foreign potentate.” But “The Bow” actually was worse than that. It’s a troubling metaphor for a deferential presidency.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer felt he needed to talk about the “Royal Uproar” with Dana Perino and Donna Brazile.  I will give Wolf this, when he showed the video of Bush giving the Saudi King a kiss and then holding hands with him to Dana Perino, Wolf said, ” Could you imagine the uproar if President Obama had given the Saudi King a kiss?”  Dana Perino wrote it off to protocol they received on how to greet the King of Saudi Arabia.

I think there are much bigger issues that Wolf should be covering.  This is the right making a big deal over nothing and it should have been ignored.  By giving it airtime you are justifying or legitimizing this non-issue.   The nit-picking is getting ridiculous and needs to stop.


Election Predictions By: Will, Halperin, Dowd, Brazile & Stephanopoulos

Mark Halperin
Winner: Obama
Electoral College: Obama 349 McCain 189
Senate Seats: 58 Democrats 40 Republicans
House Seats: 261 Democrats 174 Republicans

Matthew Dowd
Winner: Obama
Electoral College: Obama 338 McCain 200
Senate Seats: 57 Democrats 41 Republicans
House Seats: 250 Democrats 185 Republicans

George Will
Winner: Obama
Electoral College: Obama 378 McCain 160
Senate Seats: 57 Democrats 41 Republicans
House Seats: 254 Democrats 181 Republicans

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