More of the same – with lipstick

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What is the difference between Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin? You guessed it: Lipstick.

All that “McCain is real change” talk aside, if you take a close look at the Republican election platform, the kind of people John McCain surrounds himself with and his choice of running mate, you can only come to the conclusion the Bush/Cheney years will be perpetuated in all issues that matter.

The Republican Party, which has become the political arm of the economic interest groups that are waging a war on the middle class for more than eight years now, has elected itself just the ticket they need. An old, sick and tired ex-maverick, who is so keen on becoming President that he throws each and every belief he may held at one point away for the office. He wasn’t able to stand up to the religious right, the vote providing machine of the GOP, to nominate the Vice-President of his own choice. He came out with, what he thought in his old-man-stubbornness-tantrum is a serves-you-right-candidate who is, much to the glee of the Cheney/Rove crowd, the ultimate Manchurian Candidate. The oil companies couldn’t be happier, cheering her on with drill-baby-drill chants, and the anti-choice crowd gets all bleary eyed for her “fetus-first” stance. Good job John McCain. Continue reading

Stuffing the oil companies’ pockets!

Despite Hillary Clinton’s claims, that she is a fighter poised to fight Opec and  the oil industry in your name, she is in a grand coalition with McCain to provide the oil companies with an unexpected, quite unneeded and, if I may say so, undeserved windfall in summer. The concept of a “gas tax holiday” has a relaxing sound to it. Who wouldn’t wan’t to get on a holiday from the rise in gas prices. Especially poor families are hit hard and would welcome a much needed break.

Since Senator Clinton learned in Ohio and Pennsylvania, that it is the blue collar crowd, who will provide her with the votes needed to keep her ambition alive, she is in full populism mode. But, the gas tax holiday will only help oil companies racking up their profits yet again in summer. Summer is the main travel season, too. To get on your much needed real holidays, you are making the fattest corporate cats even fatter.

This plan is so obviously bull, that even Bloomberg is praising Barack Obama for his level-headed analysis. Here is what Barack Obama said:

Whether the American public is prepared to sell their votes for an average of $28 remains to be seen.

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Renewable Energy

The first wave farm is going to be built off the Cornish coast. Look what they do in Australia, and all over the world.

There are scores of succesful projects, that are bringing forward research and development of new energy saving and CO -neutral energy producing technologies. And it’s accomplished with only meagre funds as compared to the US “War for Oil Initiative”. (And the costs for step 2 – Iran – have not even been budgeted yet!)