Sunday Roast: April 28th, 2013 – Three Myths about England

Myth # 1: It rains. Always.

Well it does at times, but when it does, it is still awesome. The world looks as if someone painted it:

Myth # 2: The Food sucks:

If you can’t get something decent to eat out of this at home…

You can still suffer through this in your local pub…

Myth # 3: They have a wicked sense of humor:


That’s right.

I’m back from there and wish I wasn’t. So I will reminisce a bit and plan my next trip.

This is your Open Thread. All Yours.

Hello from Europe – 437 Days to Go

Roebuck Stew in Marinade

In answer to Briseadh Na Faire’s question on what Europe thinks about the new Attorney General Mukasey, the newspapers’ sites visited didn’t have much to say. In general it was listed as news and got covered as an aside. There was mention of Mukasey having the lowest approval number in 50 years.

The situation in Pakistan is getting more dramatic by the hour. Benazir Bhutto was put under house arrest and tried to break police lines today. More massive protests are expected and the country could be spinning out of control, which is more good news for the Islamists.

The first large Autumn Storm Tilo is pummeling the North Sea. Rotterdam had closed the harbor gates for the first time since their construction and the British east coast was in danger of flooding. The Alps will see their first and partly heavy snowfalls, which due to high winds may lead to dangerous avalanches.

There are tough times ahead for the European landed gentry, seemingly, and “The Independent” gladly reports.

And just in: Benazir Bhutto released from house arrest

And the latest financial info: The Dow Jones is sliding again Nasdaq shares are hit hard.

This is “Europeanview’s”  news round-up for today. It’s slow going, but whoever wants Breaking News on O.J. Simpson, CNN has it. Have a nice day and take care.