What is your favorite Sci-Fi Movie? — open thread

I’m a Sci-Fi fanatic, I love a good sci-fi flick.  So for me, I don’t just have one favorite.  I was hooked from the very first episode of Star Trek when I was little.   When Sci-Fi hit the big screen, I was thrilled.  Star Wars came out in 1977, then Alien & Star Trek’s “The Motion Picture” made their appearance in 1979.   I was in heaven that year, I am a fan of both movies.  I liked Star Wars, but not as much as I liked these two.  The cast of Alien was incredible; Sigourney Weaver made me a fan of all four movies.

The trailer of all the best scenes in the movie.  Video from Movi3Trail3r.

This is one of my favorite scenes from The Wrath of Kahn – second Star Trek movie.  Video from chargr2004.

Another favorite of mine is the Matrix, I like the first in the trilogy.  My daughter’s generation likes the Resident Evil movies.