Happy Birthday, RUCerious!

And many happy returns of the day!

So, what kind of birthday cake would you like?

One with your age on it?

bday cake 21
bday cake 30.jpg

One with fruit on it?

bday cake w raspberries

Or one in the shape of a fruit?

bday cake pineapple

Something simple?

bday cake simple

Or something amazingly elaborate?

bday cake elaborate

I know! How about one with frogs on it?

bday cake frogs

Or maybe not frogs – okay, lessee, R2D2?

bday cake r2d2

Something a tad more dignified?

bday cake wine

Now, I like this one ’cause it comes with matching cupcakes –

bday cake w cupcakes

Okay, I think I found the right one – it has my birthday wish to you on it ~


bday cake peace sign


Do You Want That Hamburger With Or Without Ketchup?

With the Summer picnic time “officially” beginning this weekend, I thought it would be an opportune time to get some statistics on what people put on their hamburgers.

Remember the uproar when President Obama requested “spicy mustard or Dijon” on his cheeseburger? With all the knickers getting knotted and bunched, you would think that he had invaded a sovereign nation or perhaps shredded the US Constitution or ordered “enhanced interrogations” like waterboarding.

Here’s the poll…

My preference below the fold…

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Should Barack Obama Scale Back His Inauguration Celebration?

In light of the tough times financially for Main Street and with many more people losing their jobs, what are you thoughts about President Elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration celebration?  Take our poll and share your thought in the comment section of this thread.