The Most Punchable Faces of 2017…and probably 2018, too.


I know, I know, I went for one of the easiest punchable faces with the middle Trump Weirdling — I want to punch him for his bizarrely patterned shirt and shiny textured tie, alone — but I thought we might need one of the more obviously punchable faces for starters.

So, while you’re thinking — seething, fuming, clenching your jaw and/or frothing at the mouth — about the most punchable faces of 2017, see if you can come up with one that’s not so obvious.  Someone who makes us think, “Yeah, that guy!!”  But feel free to post the obvious punchable faces too, because shits and giggles!

2016 — You were a crap year, and you know it.

2017 — You were truly fucked up, and we’re more disappointed/disgusted/discouraged than we thought we’d be right now.

2018 — Two things:  1) Please, I’m begging you, have mercy.  2) Do not take the phrase, “Can things get any worse?” as a fucking CHALLENGE!

Have fun all y’all, and have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Sunday Roast: 2011 in 100 seconds

Yeesh, glad we’re done with 2011!

I think we should have a better 2012, starting with the recall of Gov Scott Walker in Wisconsin; moving on to whittling down the numbers in the GOP clown college (buh-bye Batshit), while enjoying the Santorum Surge (brain bleach!); reveling in the crash & burn of John Boehner’s no good, horrible, very bad term as Weeper Speaker of the House; cheering on the Occupy movement (move your money!); keeping track of how many positions Mitt Romney has on any particular issue as the silly political season continues; and that’s just JANUARY.

Buck up Zoosters, 2012 is going to be a bumpy year!

This is our daily open thread — HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!