Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 – Good to be back home

Happy to say that nonewhere and cats are back home again.  We had a few “Gong Show” moments on our trip and now we are safely at home with our cats.  Even though the kitties were getting loving care from others while we were gone, they seem to not be able to get enough of us now that we have returned home.

We loved Oregon.  It is America’s best kept secret and when our house sells, we will be moving there.  Until then, gee, it is good to be back home, again.

Some observations:

  • Saw one Romney sign on a person’s lawn in Sammamish, WA.
  • Saw several Ron Paul lawn signs in Wyoming, Idaho and Iowa.
  • Saw only ONE Romney bumper sticker and that was in PA.
  • Saw several Obama “2012” bumper stickers throughout Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I was surprised by the absence of Romney lawn signs and bumper stickers.

This is our Open Thread.  Feel free to Speak Up!  There is plenty to talk about.

Sunday Roast: HOME

Go here to watch the video.

Max — our newest Zooster, and long time bloggy friend from Think Progress — posted this video several days ago, and I was (and am) completely mesmerized by it.  The photography is astonishing, the narration holds your attention, and the musical score is quite beautiful.

This planet is a wondrous and miraculous place, our only HOME.  Because of that, we should treat this planet as the most precious thing in the universe, but we are on the brink of destroying our ability to live on this beautiful planet.

So goes Rapanui, so goes the world?

What are we willing to do to change our course of destruction?  What can we individuals do to make a difference?  Any and all ideas are welcome in the comments section.  No idea is silly or too obvious, so SHARE!!

Thanks, Max.  🙂