Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 – Buzz

Two years ago, hornets built a nest in one of our spruce trees.  After a few weeks, the nest was destroyed by something either rain or a critter.  Last year, the hornets built a nest on the lower branch of a tree.  It was a sturdy nest which withstood a hurricane and an early, heavy, wet snowfall.  By February, the nest was destroyed.  We had a dry winter so I don’t know what caused the destruction of the nest.  This year, the little buggers tried something different.  They made their nest on the underside of the electric panel that is attached to the telephone pole.  They are resourceful.  It is a well designed nest.  They even managed to incorporate one of the wires into their home.  I find their design and building skills to be fascinating.  They don’t frighten me because as long as I don’t mess with their nest, they just buzz right past me without stopping to bother me.

My guess is that a raccoon got into their other nests.  Getting into this nest could be a shocking experience.

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We Survived Hurricane Irene

Every year, hornets find a tree limb to build their nests and every year, a heavy rain washes away their nest.  This year, the hornets chose a safer location.  They can buzz, “We survived hurricane Irene.”

I didn’t want to get closer to the nest because the tree next to the nest is dead and with wind gusts of 50 mph, I wasn’t taking any chances.  This nest is a real work of art.