The Watering Hole – Saturday, October 6, 2012 – Republican Denial of Reality

Rep. Paul Broun, M.D. (R-GA) is member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. At a recent banquet in Georgia, Rep. Broun had this to say: [WARNING: The following transcript and video may precipitate an episode of irritable bowel syndrome.]

From Rep. Paul Broun’s (R-GA) remarks at the Liberty Baptist Church Sportsman’s Banquet on September 27, 2012, in Hartwell, Georgia:

BROUN: God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell. And it’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth. I don’t believe that the Earth’s but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says.

And what I’ve come to learn is that it’s the manufacturer’s handbook, is what I call it. It teaches us how to run our lives individually, how to run our families, how to run our churches. But it teaches us how to run all of public policy and everything in society. And that’s the reason as your congressman I hold the Holy Bible as being the major directions to me of how I vote in Washington, D.C., and I’ll continue to do that.

Rep W. Todd Akin (R-MO), a candidate for the U.S. Senate running against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), is another member of this committee. Rep. Akin rose to national attention when he brought the phrase “legitimate rape” into the political conversation. One could call it a public service since it helped bring attention to the well-documented Republican War on Women. [In Arizona, Gov Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that could declare a women pregnant before she even had intercourse.]

Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) refuses to believe that man-made Global Warming is happening. He prefers to think that solar flares are contributing more to the problem than Man.

This is just a sampling of the way Republicans approach their Constitutional responsibilities to govern. They choose people to write legislation on topics they deny need regulating, in order to to solve critical life-threatening problems they deny exist. They refuse to accept the facts as proven by scientists and prefer to write scientific legislation based on their Biblical beliefs. These people are, by definition, unqualified to sit on any committee with the word “Science” in its name. Until the Republican Party begins choosing qualified people to sit on committees overseeing various areas of our lives, they should have no voice on any legislation writing body. They can vote against the bills when they come to a floor vote, but they should be the authors of none of them.

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I object! I object!! I OBJECT!!!!

As the Democratic Women’s Caucus took to the microphone on the House floor to offer their arguments for how the bill would benefit women, House Republicans — led by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) — repeatedly talked over, screamed, and shouted objections.  (ThinkProgress)

What the hell is this about?  Ok, the Republicans OBJECT — wait your damned turn!  We will not be shouted down on the floor of the House of Representatives.

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House Republicans vote against their own Mothers.


Obstructionist Republicans continue doing everything in Washington DC except their jobs, including voting against their own resolutions.

On Wednesday, the House took up the seemingly uncontroversial H. Res. 1113, “Celebrating the role of mothers in the United States and supporting the goals and ideals of Mother’s Day.” The resolution initially passed 412 to 0, until Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS) rose in protest:

Mr. Speaker, I ask for a recorded vote because I’m sure every member wants their mother to know that they have supported the goals of Mother’s Day.

Well, 177 mothers of House Republicans will be disappointed to know their sons and daughters voted against them — or maybe they won’t, these moms must know by now what kind of children they raised.

House Minority Leader John Boehner dismissed the bizarre vote of his Republicans saying, “Oh, we just wanted to make sure that everyone was on record in support of Mother’s Day.” By the way, Boehner is against his mother as well.

In the comments section of this post on ThinkProgress, MsJoanne reported on her conversation with Rep Tiahrt’s staff:

I just got off the phone with Mr. Tiahrt’s office in DC. Apparently, they are going to stop votes on EVERYTHING until they get what they want in the Emergency Supplemental Bill. The goopers will be doing Motions To Reconsider every bill presented until they get what they want in the supplemental.

Great…thugs, thugs, and more thugs.

She expands on that conversation in another comment:

The guy I talked with said that they are going to use this procedural motion to stop everything “to bring to light” what they want in the bill. This man said that they have no say in it. I asked if this was a war funding bill and he replied that it was war, medicare, science, etc. (That made me a bit afraid in that they probably want to further reduce everything but the war.)

He also said that Mr Tiahrt’s district fully supported the war.

This is your government at work, folks. Not only do they throw trillions of dollars at a war which can never be won, but they piss away time and tax dollars on petty obstructionist games. This is how they “represent” us.

Both of the Representatives from my state voted against their mothers as well. How does your Rep feel about his/her mother?

ThinkProgress has video of this shameful waste of time here.