The Watering Hole: Friday August 8, 2014 – Music Night -Sun Ra

Around 1968 or so, I was asking a fellow Temple student what he would be doing over the weekend. A math major, his answer surprised me. He said he was going to a concert in Fairmount Park to see Sun Ra. Never heard of the guy until then. Turns out he was a jazz innovator and possibly alien visitor. The Youtube below is an appreciation by some remaining members of the Arkestra and members of the Berklee music faculty honoring the 100 years since his birth.

Music Night – Dueling Banjos

“I do not play no rock ‘n roll, y’all” – Mississippi Fred McDowell

Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck married secretly in 2009. This union of fine musicians brought together widely differing styles of banjo, hers from the folk and bluegrass genre, and he (though starting in bluegrass with the New Grass Revival) offers banjo influenced heavily by jazz and world rhythms. They play separately within their own styles and sometimes together as part of the Sparrow Quartet.

Here’s Abigail BB (before Bela) with the all women band Uncle Earl

Here’s Bela BA (before Abigail)