Sunday Roast: This Week in *facepalm*


I can’t…I just can’t…


First up:  Joe Scarborough!!

“I’ve already said at some point, I want to get back into service, public service, and hopefully I can do it while a Republican’s at the White House,” Scarborough told rightwing talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

*cough* dead intern *cough*  Please proceed, Joe.

Next:  Unidentified racist USC fuckwit!!

In the photo, the woman can be seen using a red marker to list ““reasons why USC WiFi blows.”

Topping her list was the offensive racist slur [n*ggers], followed by “incompetent professors,” “ratchets,” “overpopulated campus,” and “parking.”

I hope Mummy & Daddy haven’t wasted too much money on little precious’s party weekends.

Lastly:  Kansas to ban welfare recipients from living the high life!!

According to the Kansas “Successful Families Program“, an eligible family of four in a “high cost/high population” area would be eligible for $497 in cash assistance per month in addition to receiving food stamps.

With that windfall, future recipients would be banned from using those funds to go on cruises, use them to pay for tattooing or body piercing, pay for psychics, or go to spas to get massages or manicures.

Additionally, funds may not be used in casinos, jewelry stores, video arcades, lingerie shops or any sexually oriented retail business, or to pay bail-bondsmen.

Because it’s not enough to treat families on TANF like they’re moronic children; the state has to grind the humiliation into their bones with the heel of its boot.

You know, I was going to call this post “This Week in Fuckery,” but I didn’t want it to be fifteen pages long — so I only chose three items.  You can thank me for my thoughtiness by liking the post, and leaving an insightful comment.  Or snark…rudeness — okay rudeness is acceptable too, but it has to be witty.  😉

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Scarborough: “Obama Never Received A Check From A Profit Making Business”

What a stupid argument!  Every company George Bush touched failed, and Joe is saying Obama should have flipped burgers!!! PLEASE!  He is really grasping on this one.  Joe wants us to believe that working for McDonald’s would have helped Obama more than being a Community Organizer and a Law Professor…  Oh the hypocrisy!!

Erin Burnett Compares The US Unemployment System With China

Erin Burnett questions unemployment benefits themselves:

“Places like China don’t have unemployment benefits and everyone says that makes them weak. But does that encourage people in places like China to go get jobs more quickly, rather than waiting to exhaust their unemployment benefits, as some say some people do here…”

Burnett starts to back peddle big time right there in the segment. She feels that it is a fair and legitimate question for discussion. She asks this question to Joe Scarborough at the (2:47) mark.

heathr456 posted this and she took the words right out of my mouth when she said ” Put this one under the you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me column.”

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Scarborough drops f-bomb on live television

Raw Video:

MSNBC broadcasted uncensored profanity today on Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough was talking about Rahm Emanuel when he used the F-word.

Scarborough said, “The nature of this campaign has really been the steady nature of Barack Obama, the steady nature of David Axelrod, the not so stead nature of Robert Gibbs – only because he went to Auburn – but these are good decent steady men. that don’t go around flipping people off or screaming ‘fuck you’ at the top of their lungs.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Apparently it wasn’t the first time… (This tape from November 10, 2006)

Can you imagine the screams of rage and anguish from the Right if it had been someone like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow who had let lose with the dreaded ‘F-word’ on either of their shows…

NBC News: Ohio Will Not Save McCain From Defeat

NBC News political director Chuck Todd talks with “Morning Joe” about which states are favoring Obama and why Ohio won’t save McCain in the election.

Chuck Todd had nothing but bad news for John McCain on “Morning Joe” today. “Lets get realistic,” he said, before adding Colorado, Virginia, and Florida to Barack Obama’s column. Other battleground states Todd rated as “pure tossups,” but then he added, “So what? If Obama is up in these three, and you’re hearing very negative comments come out of the McCain campaign about Colorado, Virginia … and then there’s Florida, which has really slipped away from McCain.”

“There is no ground game,” Joe Scarborough responded. Todd agreed, adding that Democrats were already doing better in early voting, based on ballot requests. “The ground game, it is just absent from the McCain campaign … At this point, the only state that I feel good about for McCain is Ohio.” He posited that McCain could win that state but lose the election, which would be “very frustrating to Republicans.”

Chuck Todd noted that the Republicans had their worst day ever in ballots turned in yesterday.  Democrat ballots being requested and turned in were 2 to 1 compared to Republican ballots. YEA!!!

(H/T ThePatriotsMaxims)