Friday March 21, 2014 Music Night

I got this invite from Cats that has been passing around Facebook. It asks you to name 12 influential albums (for you) and pass it on to ten friends. Here is the list I composed.

RULES: in your status update, list 12 albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don’t take too long on this list. – Just a few minutes. These don’t have to be great records, or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 or more of your friends, including me so I can see your list! Anyone not tagged but otherwise interested is still invited to play.
Not necessarily in this order:
1. Otis Spann (Archive of Folk Music) -Blues piano
2. Antiques and Inventions – Dry Branch Fire Squad – Bluegrass
3. Django Reinhardt et Le Quintet du Hot Club de France – Gypsy Jazz
4. Beggars Banquet – Rolling Stones
5. Panic- Caravan Palace – Electro Swing
6. The Very Best of the Shirelles – The Shirelles
7. Hat Trick – The Wiyos
8. The Four Seasons – Vivaldi
9. Moondawn – Klaus Schulze – electronica
10. Dance album of Carl Perkins – Carl Perkins – Rockabilly
11. Made in the Shade – Red Stick Ramblers – Cajun
12. Right – Bill Cosby – Comedy

Honorable Mention – The Last Poets – The Last Poets –

Do you have a list to share?

I’m going to start tonight with my ‘honorable mention.’ I have never been a fan of ‘rap’ or ‘hip hop’ but the Last Poets arguably are the foundational roots of that genre. Their debut self titled album (1970) contributed to that politically charged era.