LIVE-BLOGGING the Final “debate” in the 2016 Presidential Race…thank goodness

I expect this is what my face will look like by the end of the debate, minus the drool, I hope.

So yeah, do whatever floats your boat here.  You can live-blog, heckle, poke fun, tell jokes, or have a complete mental breakdown, but please NO DRINKING GAMES!!

Am I giving this political debate the respect and seriousness it deserves?  Fuck no, I am not.  This entire election has turned into a shameful mockery of itself, so pfffttttt!

The thing starts at 6 PT, and you can watch it here:


Sunday Roast: Trump Trouble & Debate Live-Blogging

The truly funny part about this video is that it was posted in July.  Randy Rainbow just had a feeling, I guess…but I don’t need to know the details.

Soooo, in a continuation of the Great Emasculation, Hillary Clinton and Donald “Tic Tac” Trump will appear at a town hall style forum in St Louis, MO (6 pm, PT), wherein inexplicably undecided voters will ask questions of the candidates.

Hillary will attempt to behave in a statesman-like manner, while barely containing her giggles and snorts in regard to the state of her opponent’s campaign; and Donald will flop and flail around like a potty-mouthed steelhead landed next to the fish ladder — you almost made it, little guy! — and will probably say something that will cause me to choke on my popcorn within the first 15 minutes.

Join us, whether you’re just hanging out in the comments section, or doing hard-hitting live commentary on the 2016 presidential race (somebody should, I guess), or just pointing and laughing your ass off like the rest of us.

EDIT:  Here’s one of the places you can watch the aforementioned clusterfuck:

This is our daily open thread — Drinking game = Death

LIVE-BLOGGING: First 2016 Presidential Debate — Clinton vs Trump

Okay, this thing starts at 6:00 PT (9:00 ET), and it’s only 90 minutes long — or the longest 90 minutes in the history of the universe — we’ll know by 7:30.

Feel free to live-blog, twitter, weep in despair, laugh hysterically, make catty comments about wardrobe and hair (either candidate), but no drinking games, I beg you.   Because you will die…quickly.

Let the Great Emasculation begin…

State of the Union speech, 2015 — live-blogging


(photo source)

It’s that time of year again — the President will paint a sunny picture of the state of this nation, and will talk about things he’d like to do this year, even though he knows this Congress isn’t going to do anything thing but keep his veto pen busy.  Fun times.

Who will heckle the President this year?  Which SCOTUS members will be present and absent?  How many times will the Dems pop up for applause, and how many times will the Repubs boo?  Which Fox “News” pundit will trash the speech before it’s even given?  How many members of Congress will be spending time on their phones, instead of giving the President the slightest bit of respect?

It’s open season, when live-blogging on TheZoo, on the Prez and Congress, which means everything is fair game:  Clothes, ties, hair-dos, hugs, praising the POTUS for good stuff, and giving him hell for bad stuff.  Knock yourselves out, Zoosters.

Make sure you stay tuned for the Repub and Tea Party responses to the SOTU, because Sen Joni Ernst, the pig castrater from Iowa, will be hollering the Repub response; and Rep Curt Clawson, the clueless they can’t be from Amurka if their skin is brown and they have funny names idiot from Florida, will confidently spew Teabagger crapola.

I’m not encouraging drinking games, but feel free to BYOB and party on.  I’ll be abstaining from the evils of drink this evening, so I’ll make sure y’all are laying on your sides, and will turn out the lights when I leave.  We don’t want a repeat of last year’s SOTU party — whatever might have happened…

Live-blogging the 3rd (and last!) presidential debate of 2012

Okay all y’all, the final presidential debate begins this evening at 9:00 (ET), live from Boca Raton, Florida, and is moderated by Bob Schieffer.

The wingnuts have already started whining about how biased Schieffer is, and expectations have been lowered so much for Mitt Romney, that if he manages to walk onto the stage and not cough up a hairball, he’ll be the winner.  Yeah, whatever.

I think the President will do well tonight.   He’s got four years of foreign policy under his belt, and he knows what Mitt’s all about — and he knows that the chances of us seeing a brand-spankin’-new Mitt Romney this evening are high.

Drink your whole glass every time Mitt says “Benghazi.”  We’ll all be hungover together tomorrow.


Live-blogging the 2nd 2012 presidential debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet this evening at Hofstra University in New York for their second “debate.”  It will start at 9 p.m. ET, and will be a townhall style format, with CNN’s Candy Crowley moderating.  The questions will come from so-called undecided voters in attendance.  i don’t get the whole “undecided voter” thing, but there it is.

C-Span will have live coverage of the debate here.

Thinkprogress has five facts for us to remember:

1. The deficit is largely a product of tax cuts and wars. The newest report out from the Congressional Budget Office shows that we have a still-large but slowing budget shortfall, with the deficit at $1.1 trillion for 2012. But the issues that are adding the most to our deficit aren’t health care costs or the stimulus; wars and tax cuts are responsible for that.

Zooey:  And remember, it’s a filthy lie that Obama has increased the deficit in any way — he’s actually lowered it.

2. When US officials asked for more security in Libya, they wanted it in Tripoli, not Benghazi.The attack on the United States embassy in Libya was a tragedy that has had a confusing aftermath. Republicans have claimed that employees at the Benghazi embassy asked for more security in the days before the attack, but actually it was the embassy in Tripoli, not Benghazi where the attack occurred, that sought longer hours for its security guards.

Zooey:  Also, remember that the House refused to pay for increased security in our foreign embassies.

3. 72 million people would be uninsured under Romney’s health plan. A recent study of Romney’s health care plan shows that it would increase health care premiums for most Americans, and would leave 72 million people uninsured. If the Affordable Care Act were repealed, 60 million Americans would remain uninsured. Under Obama’s plan, that number is expected to drop to 27.1 million.

Zooey:  Remember, Romney’s plan will cover those with pre-existing conditions, BUT only for people who already have health insurance, which makes no fucking sense.

4. If the DREAM Act were passed, it would add $329 billion to the economy by 2030.President Obama has vowed the pass the DREAM Act — a bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for young, undocumented students and service members — while candidate Romney has said he’d veto it. According to a joint report by the Center for American Progress and the Partnership for a New American Economy, passing the DREAM Act “would add $329 billion to the U.S. economy and create 1.4 million new jobs by 2030.”

5. The “six studies” that Romney cites in defense of his tax plan are actually 3 blog posts, 2 right-wing reports and 1 op-ed. The idea that a Romney administration could give a 20 percent tax cut to everyone, and then pay for it by eliminating loopholes and deductions for the wealthy has been strong refuted by the Tax Policy Center. Romney has cited six other “studies” that confirm his plan could work, but those are dubious: One is a report by the conservative Heritage foundation, one is a paper from a former Bush adviser, one is an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, and three are blog posts.

Zooey:  If you like this “study” I’ve posted for the evening, please click “like” and share it to your favorite social network.  Everyone knows that gives a “study” like mine more credibility.  😀

Have fun with the live-blogging, all y’all!  There are no rules, but alcohol and a sense of humor really help.  Just sayin’…

And yet another GOP debate..

This time it’s being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and hosted by CNN. If you are watching on your computer, you can watch it live here.

Missing from tonight’s debate is Jon Huntsman:

Jon Huntsman won’t be at the debate. The former Utah governor and former ambassador to China is boycotting the showdown, to protest Nevada’s decision to hold its caucus on January 14, which could force New Hampshire to move its first-in-the-nation primary to December. Huntsman is placing all his chips on New Hampshire.

Will Herman Cain be asked to give us another rendition of his pizza song? Will Ron Paul fall asleep again? Will Rick Perry be in another stupor? Will Michele Bachmann make more biblical jokes?

Feel free to join in the fun and help us live-blog this thing..

The GOP debate, or as we like to call it, the Klusterphucky Derby

In lieu of a drinking game during tonight’s GOP “debate,” which would be highly dangerous and irresponsible, TheZoo is hosting our version of a pub quiz.  The following items are weighing heavily on our minds and this “debate” comes at the perfect time to help us get the answers we need.  Also, feel free to live-blog the “debate” as long as you can stand it.

Who will be the first to

  • Spit foam from their mouth?
  • Turn their head a full 360°?
  • Speak in tongues?
  • Condemn the other candidates to Hell?
  • Speak the name Sarah Palin?  Anyone…?
  • Use President Obama’s middle name?
  • To say Osama instead of Obama?
  • Call Obama a terrorist?
  • Use the word “Obamacare?”
  • Lie about jobs figures/failed stimulus?
  • Call the President the worst president in history?
  • Claim tax cuts create jobs/increase revenue?
  • Say “Reagan cut taxes?”
  • Claim “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem?”
  • Make a crack about birth certificates?
  • Make a Weiner joke?
  • Make a Trump joke?
  • Claim that ours is a “Christian nation?”
  • Lie about the intent of the Founding Fathers?
  • Invoke God?
  • Blame Obama for the Bush recession?
  • Blame progressives/liberals for all problems in America?
  • Use the word “crazy” in reference to one of the other candidates?
  • Say “Actually, I am a Qook from the planet Zog, and I have taken human form – here’s my birth certificate!

Questions we’d like answered

  • Would you knowingly hire any gay people to work for you?  Muslims?
  • Does this look infected?
  • Do you support Man-Dog marriage?
  • Could you open this jar for me?
  • Do atheists have rights under the Constitution?
  • Will you choose an imaginary friend as your running mate?
  • Will you admit, on this stage tonight, that the movie Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 sucked out loud?
  • Hey sailor, new in town?


  • Bonus points for beginning a response with “The American people want/don’t want…”
  • First round of pearl-clutching – Shelley or Newt?
  • Who won the bigotry competition?
  • Who is the most likely to cut taxes?
  • Who could flip-flop better than a flounder?
  • Best at stroking pearls?
  • Biggest/gaudiest flag pin?
  • Biggest/gaudiest cross?
  • Carrying Bible?  Packing heat?

Final round…for the Grand Prize!  Which candidate was

  • Dumb
  • Dumber
  • Dumbest

Live-blogging the third and final Presidential Debate

The desk and set is ready on October 14, 2008 where US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama will sit in front of moderator and CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer for the last presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, on October 15.

Tonight is the third and final presidential debate to be held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York and will be moderated by CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer. (6PM PST, 9PM EST)

The pressure is definitely on for John McCain, who has seriously been sliding in the polls. For weeks (months actually) his campaign has been erratic, depending on gimmicks and stunts, and now depending on a message of negativity, hate, and innuendo – totally lacking in substance, message, or vision – in a time that our country finds itself in deep crisis. Americans are afraid as our economy spirals down, and in a time that we need leadership and a real vision, McCain has come up empty. 

A CBS News/New York Times poll has Obama leading McCain by 53 per cent to 39 per cent among likely voters, the widest margin of any poll in the campaign so far. Other polls suggest McCain is also trailing in key battleground states.

It will be interesting to see if he can turn this around tonight.

Join us as we live-blog the event!

Photo from WELT ONLINE.

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Live-blogging the Obama/McCain debate

John McCain & Barack Obama

John McCain & Barack Obama

The Presidential candidates will be “debating” tonight at the University of Mississippi, 9PM (ET), and 6pm (PT). Topic: Foreign policy.

Our live-bloggers are Europeanview, Shayne, MsJoanne, and Zooey.

This is the place for your “debate” live-blogging needs! Please join us, and add your own commentary! The more, the merrier!

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