The Watering Hole: August 10 — The best stinky place in the world!

I’m sure I’ve never previously posted video of my favorite place in the world (so far).  😉  But it’s not my fault, the little cutey at 1:40 forced my hand.

So you’ll have to watch at least that much of the video to know just how cute the cutey is.  Heh.

Oh yeah, and this happened this week.

Yeah, science rocks.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — Happy Friday, all y’all!!

The Watering Hole: Wednesday, August 8, 2012: Hump Day! Now What!

This post is being written as NASA gives its first press conference following the successful landing of Curiosity on Mars.

At this point, this author will look into his crystal ball and report the following stories now, ahead of them happening in real time, to be revealed later, when they have already occured.

Republicans were quick to give George Bush full credit for the Curiosity landing. This program began 8 years ago, when Bush was President, therefore He gets full credit for its success.

Republicans were also quick to blame Obama for Curiosity’s failure. Two days have gone by, and Curiosity failed to find proof of life on Mars. Christian leaders across the evangelical spectrum blamed Obama for seeking out new life forms, when God only created life on Earth. “Life on Mars goes against the Bible.” one editorial proclaimed.

But this Mars landing has created a bit of a rift within the extremes of the Right Wing. On the one hand, many consider this to be part of a plot to bring Communism to the United States. Mars is the Red Planet, and by going to Mars, Obama has aligned himself with the Red Menace, i.e. communism.

But others take a different view. Mars is Red, just as Conservative States are Red. Bush, in sending this Rover to Mars has staked out a new frontier for conservatives in our solar system. These forward-looking conservatives look to the day when Mars’ electoral votes secure a permanent conservative majority in the solar system forever. However, it did not escape their notice that all of the NASA scientists were wearing blue…

Meanwhile, Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced bills to eliminate funding for the Curiosity program. We need jobs here in the United States, not on Mars. People working in goverment jobs such as NASA aren’t working in real jobs. One alternative bill seeks to privatize NASA, with Halliburton purportedly backing the effort.


The Watering Hole – Saturday, Aug 4th, 2012 – Seven Minutes of Terror

In honor of Walt the Man, I have chosen to write about the upcoming Mars Curiosity rover landing. I’m sure Walt would have chosen that topic if he were writing this Saturday’s post, and it would have been far more informational and educational. Enjoy the view from up there, Walt.

Something wonderful is about to happen. On Monday morning, the Mars Science Laboratory will, if all goes according to some very meticulous planning, drop Curiosity, the next Mars rover, onto the surface of Mars. While they will stop sending signals to the MSL two hours before the landing, it is the seven minutes it will take for the spacecraft to execute its landing instructions that have NASA scientists nervous. Earth is fourteen minutes away from Mars via radio telemetry signal, so there is no way to correct anything should it go wrong. I’m sure our crack staff at The Zoo will keep you informed as the landing time approaches.

UPDATE: I said Monday morning, but it will happen on Sunday night if you live on the West Coast. 10:30 PM Sunday night, or 1:30 AM Monday morning.

UPDATE: For more info on Mars, TheWeatherChannel has “5 Things You May Not Know About Mars” and Mars photos.

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MORE 8/5: Additional info from TheWeatherChannel.